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Hello & Welcome! 

Thank you for dropping in on my very first blog post! During my most recent appointment with my kinesiologist, the topic of living in the moment came up repeatedly for me. This was something I wasn't expecting to hear at all - however it did eventually lead me to a significant perspective shift.

According to my subconscious and my body, my conscious mind was too focused on future intentions instead of honouring the present. It took me a a while to digest what this really meant. After all, I was in the process of setting up my blog, my little corner of the digital universe where I hoped to share my stories and tips on creating mindful habits. How could I blog about something if I wasn't really living and breathing what I wanted to write about in the first place? 

A week after my session and sitting with the resistance and emotions that came up for me,  things started to make sense. It feels like my conscious thoughts are always a few steps behind  and it takes time to see things from a more intuitive perspective. 

Over the last 2 months, I was riding on a wave of adrenaline and inspired energy. I had found so much joy from all the new things that had come into my life such as enrolling in B-School, studying my Natural Therapies course, setting up my blog and commencing my new dream job. My mind was constantly buzzing with fresh ideas and things I couldn't wait to action. I ended up filling all my spare hours, devoting it to moving these beautiful projects forward.

I had stepped away from sitting in stillness and being ok with the "not doing" and ticking things off my to do list. I had stepped away from being content in the moment and living with a greater sense of awareness.

So I decided to par everything back, to simplify it all down. And I came to one simple conclusion -  the art of sitting in the present moment brings peace, calmness and tranquility. 

What Mindfulness Means To Me

  • I realised that my subconscious was just giving me a gentle reminder - to slow things down, to seek peace, to be present.
  • And the other really beautiful thing that came out of this for me was a humbling acknowledgement that this concept of "mindful living" is something that I will always be learning from. Mindfulness is something that I will always be accepting lessons from and that's ok. To me, mindfulness is always a practice.
  • It is not a "project" or "task" that has a tick box that you can complete.
  • It is not a badge of honour. Instead, it is simply something that I do for myself and will never be something I compare with others. 
  • Mindfulness, meditation and the act of being present in the moment can come in so many forms. It can be awareness of your breath, or the environment that you in, or even being conscious of each movement you make when you cook a meal.

No matter how far along this practice you are, it is never a race to the end. It is an ongoing exploration of how you connect back to yourself and your environment. 

What has your mindfulness journey been like so far? What have you realised lately that has really shifted your perspective on things? Leave me a comment below! 

PS. Over the course of this blog, my posts will be centred around developing my own mindful practice and about how living mindfully can impact us holistically - from the way we nourish ourselves to how we keep our minds and bodies healthy too. I also love cooking, gardening and design so you can probably expect some posts on these too thrown in for good measure!

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