How Do You Bookend Your Day?


The other day I was having a beautiful soul-chat with one of my dearest friends, Sarah. We talked about all the things that moved our hearts and the practices that we loved that lifted us to greater states of awareness.

Our conversation explored the concept of conscious living - the desire to simplify and declutter aspects of our lives and ourselves to give breathing space for where we wanted our energy to flow. In the midst of all our wide-eyed intentions and dreams, we were limited by time and the ability to somehow do all that we wanted.

Of course, it would be absolutely amazing to have 3 hours dedicated to morning rituals, but in reality, the majority of us don't always have the time to fit it all in before we need to scoot out the door. And what about all those days when we are honestly scrapping by in survival mode and are running on almost empty? How can we begin and end even the busiest of days as mindfully as possible?

Sarah and I talked about how we could strip everything back to its most essential - a concept we referred to as "bookending" our day. In other words, how do we begin the day and how do we complete our day consciously?

How Do You Bookend Your Day

Even on these days you can still begin and end your day beautifully by dedicating little conscious moments to yourself.

  • What is the first thing you do when you wake?
  • How can you make this a consciously connected, and intuitive action?
  • Likewise, what is the last thing you do for yourself at the end of the day?
  • Can you make it a habit to begin and end your day without firstly and lastly checking your phone, email or social media?

To this day, the one essential thing I do for myself every morning is a simple yet potent meditation ritual which allows me to still my thoughts and draw my awareness back to where I am, how I am feeling and connect with myself for a few moments (read about it here). It is all about setting a conscious intention to begin my day.

From chatting with Sarah, we decided to try a little challenge for 40 Days where we try to bookend each day with one sacred ritual for the morning and the evening. I am going to start my 40 Days  today and will keep you updated with how it goes! You may also like try this too and observe the impact it makes on your daily life as well! 


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How do you book end your day? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love