Energy Flow For A Positive Mindset


Energy. It is such a powerful concept. From what I learnt in my chemistry class many years ago, I was told that Energy is Finite - energy cannot be created, it is just transferred or transformed from one thing to another.

Each morning, when we wake up, we have a certain amount of energy within us already that we can spend on whatever we set our intentions on throughout the day. 

We can restore some of this energy by eating nourishing foods, yoga, meditating or doing things that sets our souls on fire. And, we can also deplete the energy within us, by letting it flow out of us and into things that don't serve us in the longer term. 

Ultimately, in every moment, we will be making a decision on how we will be using this energy -  in what we create, manifest and bring into existence.

My Experience with Energy Flow

Over the last 18 months, this concept has gradually become a way of living for me. Knowing that every choice I make will impact how and where the energy will flow has renewed a sense of responsibility in myself. This has been one of the most powerful, perspective shifts that I have come to experience and it has served me well since.

18 months ago, I would find myself in situations where I would feel stressed, frustrated, resentful or angry. At this time, my default reaction would be to continue the conversations in my mind, allowing these emotions to grow until I became overwhelmed. 

But nowadays, when I feel these negative thoughts stirring in my head, I am aware of how the energy is flowing around me. I know that if I continue to engage in this mind chatter, I am essentially allowing the energy to deplete from me to feed these negative thoughts, making them stronger. Also read more on my previous post How To Stop Negative Self Talk.

I know that always have the option to choose where my energy is going to go. I can either say yes using this energy to create something that will not serve me, or I can choose to use it to create something that will nourish my soul and spirit.

Here are my 3 tips on energy flow.

Ask yourself - Is this how I want to be channeling my energy?

Think of the various priorities in your life (for example : health, work, relationships etc) or your core desired feelings (for example : inspiration, connection, authenticity etc). If each of these areas were represented conceptually as buckets - would you be directing your energy flow to filling up these buckets each day? Or will it be wasted elsewhere?

Ask yourself these questions whenever you catch yourself running away with negative emotions and feelings. Pause, take a breath and assess the moment. Also, try incorporating these questions into your morning ritual, night ritual or meditation.

Find out where you want your energy to flow and set your intention for it. Read more about setting intentions here.

Shift your negative energy into a positive space

For the moments when we feel compelled to act out in fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy or judgment, ask yourself how you can reverse the energy flow in this moment.

Instead of allowing your energy to be depleted when you propagate negative thoughts, choose to cultivate energy for yourself and search for the positive. Act from a place of loving energy instead of fearful energy.

An example would be, expressing gratitude for what we have instead of complaining about the things we lack. When we express gratitude, this energy flows into a positive space. 

Allow yourself to start small

This perspective shift will take time. So use each challenging moment, negative experience, hardship as practice, to build the habit and to build the awareness for how you want your energy to flow. 

Understand that the goal is not to avoid feeling any negative emotions. When these feelings come up, we simply need to sit with them, to understand why they have appeared for us. This will not drain us of energy but can instead bring a sense of relief and peace into our experience. 

Have you ever used the concept of energy flow in this way before to bring more positivity into your own life? Or have you used a similar approach to dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. 

As always, please share your thoughts and bring a little bit of peace into someone's day. Share your comments below.

Jo ChunYan - Intuition Coach & Graphic Designer

I'm Jo ChunYan. I am an Intuition Coach and Graphic Designer, currently enjoying a deeply soul nourishing experience in my spirit home, Japan. This sanctuary is devoted to cultivating CONSCIOUSNESS, CONNECTION & INTUITION.