Free Printable : Weekly Planner


Today, I want to share with you something I have been working on. It's called The Mindful Morning Weekly Planner. It's a free download that I have designed and created to help you bring greater clarity, intuition, and mindfulness to your mornings.

This weekly planner was something I have been creating in my head for quite a while. Over the last few months, I have been focusing on decluttering and simplifying various aspects of my life. With this, I have also applied this focus to make my morning rituals a little simpler too.

Going back to basics, my mindful morning means creating more space for things to flow, letting things show up as they need to and allowing greater freedom.

This act of creating a more minimalist lifestyle has helped me release my expectations around holding onto a rigid routine where I end up packing in too many things into my mornings. It has been a really beautiful process to explore simplifying and decluttering my morning rituals. It has spurred me to redefine what mindfulness in my mornings really means to me.

Free Planner Post

I have also been going through a bit of creative phase at the moment. As a result, I felt pulled towards create a mindful morning tool, a weekly planner, to help others focus, simplify and get clarity around what they want to bring into their days. 

The concept of this tool stemmed from the things that I found most helpful in defining what I wanted my day to look like. I would often take time to make long journal entries in the mornings but I found that I often just needed to write down a few notes in the morning to help me get to the heart of how I was feeling and my intentions for the day. 

So I devised this weekly planner to help me create a morning that will help shape the rest of the day. 

I have put so much love into this baby and I am so excited to share it with you! The Mindful Morning Weekly Planner is your free soulful digital print out to help you stay focused on your daily intentions. I hope you like it! Simply sign up to my newsletter below to download it.

Tips for using the weekly planner

  • Fill in the Week number and choose the 3 areas that you want to focus on in this week.
  • Each morning, spend a few minutes sitting quietly alone where you can connect back to yourself. I like to do this just after a yoga session or meditation. 
  • See what word comes to you that describes how you want to feel each day. Really ask yourself what this is for you right in this moment. Over the course of the week, you may even find that the same feeling repeats itself.
  • Set and intention to do three little things for yourself each day that can bring about the feeling you want to feel. Check to see if this also aligns back to your areas of focus. It is Ok if they don't directly correlate back.
  • For ideas on some things that you can do for yourself, have a look at this list on 50 Things to Make Your Morning Brighter! Remember to keep things simple - this exercise is all about bringing about an ease of flow to your day.
  • Put your sheet up on your fridge, vision board or somewhere easily accessible so that you can check back on it at the end of the day.
  • Keep the sheets as you progress through the weeks to see how things have changed. What has challenged you? What have you released and created space for? What have you done that has brought more joy into your day?

I hope you find this little tool inspires you to bring about a little more simplicity to your mindful morning! I would love to know your thoughts about The Mindful Morning Weekly Planner!

In the comments below, what do you do that simplifies and declutters your morning routine?