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Since the beginning of this year, I have been feeling a strong pull towards creating, doing, moving forwards, and taking action. This energy is incredibly motivating and exciting, and as a result I have found that my mind is often racing with new ideas. Sometimes it feels like my mind is constantly planning where I will be 6 months or 12 months.  

That is why self care is so important during these times where we are inspired and in flourish; to stay present, to stay grounded and to maintain awareness. Self care reminds you to take a step back and perceive the world from a more internal place. It helps you gain clarity over what it is that you truly want in your life versus something which isn't completely right for you.

I ensure that my daily dose of self care starts in the stillness of the morning, when I do my yoga, or when I meditate, or when I enjoy a cup of tea to myself.

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Take time to look after yourself today. Let your soul be nourished.

So for today, I am sharing a freebie - my self care printable. You can download by signing up below. I hope you enjoy it!

Print it out and attach it to your vision board, on your fridge or even pop it in a frame and put it in your room? Remind yourself to take a little moment out of every day to do something for you - that makes you feel amazing.

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For more resources on creating conscious and intuitive self care rituals, have a read of the following links :

How do you make time, nourish and care for yourself everyday? What is your favourite ritual for ensuring that you feel grounded, content and invigorated? Leave your comments below!

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