Product Review : Greene Street Juice Cleanse


A few weeks ago, I cleared my weekend schedule and committed myself to doing very little except for drink juice. 

For the last few months, I had been seriously considering doing a juice cleanse and serendipitously won a juice cleanse via an Instagram competition. My program was provided by a beautiful Melbourne based company called Greene Street Juice Co. 


The Greene Street Juice Cleanse Process

Typically, most juice cleanses will consist of a set variety of blends. However, Natalie, the founder of Green Street Juice Co., personalised my program to suit my current lifestyle, eating habit and wellness goals.

As my dominant dosha is Vata, one of my concerns about the cleanse was that I would become more sensitive to the cold from drinking only juice. From this, Natalie tailored my cleanse to feature more warming juices (blends that contained ginger) to balance this dosha which worked like a charm. The juices are cold pressed, organic and specially formulated to aid the detoxification process. 

7 blends, 8 bottles = one day's worth of juices

7 blends, 8 bottles = one day's worth of juices

Each day consisted of drinking 8 different juices. One of the things I loved about the program is that these juices were absolutely delicious - this was particularly important, as the cleanse should be enjoyable as well as detoxing. 

The program also provides a list of suggested times for when you should consume each juice to help you stay energised throughout the day. This worked out to be about 1 juice every 2.5 hours or so, in addition to any herbal teas or water that you may drink throughout the day as well.

Overall, the thing that really impressed me about Greene Street Juice was the heart and soul behind the company. Natalie is just a delightful burst of energy. She is so passionate about her company and makes each person feel completely supported about doing a cleanse. She even personally delivers to the juices to your home from very early in the morning to accommodate your morning routine. 

Here are some of the things I have noticed from doing my Greene Street Juice 3 day cleanse.

Clearing up the skin

By consuming only juice, your digestive system is allowed to rest which means that your body can focus its energy on healing, resting and removing toxins. As a result, I noticed my blemishes cleared up and my skin started to glow after the first day. 

A feeling of lightness

This feeling of lightness was something that I felt immediately after the first 3 juices. By giving your digestive system a break, you aren't weighed down by the heaviness of the food that you eat, which creates a wonderful light as a feather experience. 

The Upper East blend

The Upper East blend

Lemon, orange, coconut water, cayenne pepper and green tea - this one was refreshing and light!

Lemon, orange, coconut water, cayenne pepper and green tea - this one was refreshing and light!

Going about things mindfully

I decided to free up my weekend so I could really appreciate the cleanse, mindfully. By dedicating this time to  myself, I found that I was able to go about my day with this profound awareness of how I was feeling. A sense of joy, calm and mental clarity washed over me and I found that I could slip easily into a meditative state. This was very different to my typical meditations where various thoughts would come in and out of my consciousness.

Energy levels 

I noticed that immediately after consuming  juice, my energy levels would spike. I felt invigorated and re-energised. However, I did notice that if I didn't keep to my juice schedule, my energy levels would drop dramatically after 2 hours, resulting in lightheadedness. As long as I continued to drink my juice at regular intervals, my energy stayed fairly consistent and I was able to power through my yoga class on the second day of cleanse without any issues. 

Simply carrot, apple and astragalus!

Simply carrot, apple and astragalus!

Grazing when hungry

Whilst I didn't eat any full sized meals during the cleanse, I lightly grazed when I felt that the juice wasn't sufficient to keep my from being hungry. The program is intuitively designed so that you are encouraged to listen to your body first and this means nourishing your body with food if you feel the need to. Despite this, after 3 days, I did miss the physical aspect of eating and chewing food.

Feeling the cold

Even though I was concerned about feeling the cold more during the cleanse, I didn't find this to be an issue at all. I kept warm with herbal teas and hot water. If you are also more sensitive to the cold, you may have a better experience completing the cleanse during the warmer months.

A green juice combining celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, ginger mint and parsley. 

A green juice combining celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, ginger mint and parsley. 

By the end of the Greene Street Juice program, I experienced more energy, clearer skin and greater mental clarity that lasted for a week after. With 3 days dedicated to detoxing my body and my mind, I felt uplifted, inspired and calm.

For me, the experience was not only about getting rid of toxins from my system, it was also about bringing balance and awareness into our day, which made it such a beautiful and holistic experience.

Have you ever considered doing a juice cleanse as well? Or, have you also done a cleanse before - how did you find your experience? Leave me a comment below!


Jo ChunYan - Intuition Coach & Graphic Designer

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