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I was inspired by my dear friend Nikki, over at Nikki De Vet, to do a "taking stock" post. A taking stock post involves simply writing down a list of what you are doing, thinking, feeling, creating and dreaming up in the moment. I thought it would be an interesting "journalling" exercise to reflect on where I was at in this new year so far.

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After making my list which I have shared below, I actually felt incredibly grateful knowing that I was living each moment to my fullest and that my day or moments were actually so varied.

It was also a good reminder for me to slow things down a little and to live a simpler life as I seem to fall head over heels with so many different things at once. But, on the other hand, being a multi passionate person can also mean that you constantly have a seemingly endless supply of ideas that inspire you to live bigger and dream bigger.

All in all - I guess it is about finding a healthy balance between keeping a steady focus and welcoming in the inspiration.

Taking Stock : In This Moment I am ...

Making :: Some more illustration pieces. I started illustrating at the end of last year and I remember how much I love it!

Cooking :: I just made a rice noodle dish, with sliced mango, mint, coconut, pumpkin seeds and a sweet chilli sauce for dinner.

Drinking :: A cup of Clipper's Snore & Peace. It's made with camomile, lemon balm and lavender! 

Reading :: I always have heaps of books on the go! Malcom Gladwell's Blink, A Streetcar Named Desire and Alain De Botton's Architecture of Happiness

Wanting :: A yoga towel to go on top of my mat for sweaty yoga sessions. I just bought a Jade yoga mat and it is perfect! 

Looking :: I am looking forward to going camping this weekend with my boyfriend. 

Playing : Monument Valley. 

Playing : Monument Valley. 

Playing :: Monument Valley by ustwo. It's a beautiful puzzle game with a deeper meaning about adventure and forgiveness. Visually - it is stunning!

Wasting :: Nothing - hopefully. Trying to use up all every scrap of food in my fridge.

Sewing :: I don't really sew. But I did sew some dill seeds and they are growing quite tall now.

Wishing :: To start my own part time business before the end of this year. Seeing things taking form slowly.

Enjoying :: A night in writing and sipping tea.

Waiting :: For autumn to come along. I will be travelling to Japan for a month.

Liking :: So many things are inspiring me lately. I love this Melbourne based company called Tsuno. They make sustainable sanitary pads from bamboo with 50% of profits donated to helping women in developing countries get access to sanitary products. Amazing!

Wondering :: Why hasn't teleportation been invented yet like we were promised on the Beyond 2000 show from the 90s.

Loving :: January - this month has been incredible. Its the breath of fresh, creative air that I needed.

Hoping :: To live off the land, sustainably from our own home grown vegetables. Maybe live in a yurt or a tree house.

Smelling :: Nothing at the moment. But I am just about to put on my aroma diffuser. I have been putting lavendar essential oils in this thing at night to help me wind down for the evening. It's been a really nice ritual to add to my night.

Wearing :: Still wearing my clothes that I wore to work. I know we are still in the midst of summer, but I am wearing a black dress shirt and merino wool leggings to keep me warm! 

Following :: The Slowpoke. It's such a beautiful online magazine that inspires people to live more sustainably and simply. 

Noticing :: That I have eaten quite a bit of chocolate tonight. 

Knowing :: That 2015 is going to be an amazing year!

Marvelling :: At the space I live in. I love my home and how it makes me feel. It's truly a sanctuary that I long to return to each day.

Needing :: I am in need of an early night's sleep so I can get up early tomorrow to start my day!

Thinking :: I really need to start planning out my time for studying Japanese and Natural Therapies in between blogging, work and play.

Feeling :: So happy that my dear friend Sarah has sent me a letter in the mail!! Such a beautiful reminder for me to disconnect from doing things the "electronic way" all the time.

Bookmarking : Into Mind

Bookmarking : Into Mind

Bookmarking :: Into Mind. I just stumbled across this amazing blog today. It's all about creating a minimalist lifestyle.

Opening :: The door to my washing machine and hanging up my clothes.

Giggling :: Well not really giggling, but I am over the moon that one of my dear friends is going to have a baby! 

Planning :: A trip to Byron Bay in September. I am dreaming of sun, beach, yoga and healthy, nourishing goodness!

Creating :: My housemate and I are planning to do a pottery course soon. Also I really love this idea around weaving.

Why not start your own taking stock list also - use the image from above as a guide for yourself!!

Share your link / thoughts below. Have you done a taking stock list too? How did it make you feel after you completed your list? 

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