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For today's Inspiring People interview, I am chatting with Nikki de Vet. Nikki was one of the first people I truly connected with when I first started my blog at the beginning of last year. We met via Rachel McDonald's Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course through our love on writing, intuitive living and soulful chats. 

She is a life coach, a blogger at Nikki De Vet (Delighted with Life) and a self confessed seeker of living life on her terms. Nikki is a spirited soul that people just naturally gravitate towards because she authentically lives life in full flight discovery; whether that be through her passion for travel or in her personal spiritual journey. She just exudes a warmth and beautiful energy that I find completely inspiring which I am sure you will too! 

What are some of the big lessons that you discovered in the last 12 months?

2014 has been a really good year. Back in 2013, things were all up and down and I remember saying “Next year, 2014 - it’s going to be different!”. But by the 3rd of January 2014, everything was still the same! This was a bit of a wake up call for me and I realised that I had to be the change if 2014 was going to be different. 

So I started reading blogs, and inspirational stuff again. I read material by Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map, and Spirited by Rachel McDonald and Tara Bliss.

I started creating a vision again for my life. I didn’t really set any strict goals, but really just decided what direction I wanted to go in various areas of my life.

I enrolled in Rachel McDonald’s course, Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted and it really kickstarted everything off for me. I was writing and finding my voice. And with that, I gained confidence to look for and do what I really wanted.

Overall 2014 has been another path of self discovery in a way; rediscovering things I already knew, affirming the things I discovered over the years which are still valid for me. 

For the next 6 months, what is instore for you?

My intention is to have the coaching course completed come Summer and continue coaching other women on their path in life. Given I’m working full time I will have to limit the number of clients I coach, however this feels like the right approach to steadily build my business. 

I have launched my rebranded blog at the end of last year and I would love to continue building on that. I wanted my blog to be a place where I want to spend time and I’m thrilled to say I achieved this! I have mapped out the next couple of months in terms of writing content and each month will have a theme. Kicking off in February with Women in Business. I am excited! 

In the coming months I would also like to redesign my opt-in newsletter freebie, I’m thinking along the lines of a manifesto, and perhaps do some other design work with Emma (from Emma Kate Co.). She did all my branding for me and I just love creating with her. The other thing I have been toying with is working with a writing coach, I feel I would really benefit from this.

How are you finding the creative writing process?

It’s really good when I am in the right mindset and in flow. But I find consistency very hard. With everything going on or when you are tired, it can be so difficult to be consistent with writing inspiring words. I have been working on letting go of this need to be consistent though. I love the creation aspect in writing - seeing things coming together. Being able to express yourself through words.

Although finding my voice is an ongoing discovery, I feel like I have found my outlet in writing.

What kind of things are really inspiring you at the moment.

To me so many things are inspiring. I think it really comes down to people; people that are doing things that they have a passion for in life are so inspiring. Following their dreams and desires. Being bold. Showing up and putting themselves out there. Choosing their own adventure. I think it’s brilliant.

Also the positivity in people I find inspiring and it gives me energy being around people that radiate positivity. Not only do I see this in the Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted group, but also in my immediate environment as well. One of my friends is going through such a rough time however she is so positive. She knows she will be a better person once she comes out the other side. I think it is so beautiful to see that you can be as strong as you want to be.

What are some of the things you love doing everyday?

I love going to the gym. I love my workouts. I usually do them during lunchtime because it breaks up the day. I work out roughly 3 times a week. I also started hatha yoga again last year, which has been amazing. Plus I recently discovered pilates and have been enjoying this too.

I love that moment in the evening when I come home after work and have finished cooking dinner. I make myself a cup of tea, snuggle up on the sofa or in bed, open up my laptop, answer a few emails and read some blog posts and feel completely relaxed. I also love my showers in the morning with some nice shampoo and shower products so that I feel fresh when I get out into the day. A good shower is a good start to the day!

Inspiring People Nikki De Vet

What are two things you can’t live without?

My friends and family keep me grounded. And especially living abroad, my local friends have become my family. You really need that support network. At least I do, as being around other people is one of the things I get my energy from. Obviously my family is in the Netherlands, as well as many of my good friends. I know I can always go home and that is a beautiful feeling. They are very supportive and they are definitely making the effort when it comes to staying in touch. I can’t even imagine what it would be like without them in my life.

The other thing I can’t live without is nature and being able to connect with nature. Especially living in a busy city, you need to go somewhere to find that peace and quiet.

I love escaping to the countryside or visiting one of the many parks and going for a walk. Ever since living in such a beautiful environment such as Australia, nature has become a very important part of my life.

What kind of food makes you feel amazing?

Fresh, beautiful organic produce, that you know where it has been sourced, makes me feel amazing. Whether it is a green juice or a healthy green leafy salad, it’s nutritious and you don’t feel like you are craving anything else afterwards so it ticks all the boxes. It’s just a shame that organic products are quite expensive however I do think it’s worth it.

And now that it’s proper cold over here, I love eating warming winter dishes. Chilli or a nice stew. I made pumpkin and sweet potato soup the other day, absolutely delicious and very healthy too.

I loved listening to Nikki chat about her inspirations and her life! Share your comments below and let me know how Nikki has inspired you today! 


Go and say hi to her at her website and check out her Facebook and Instagram too!

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