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Melissa Horne is a holistic kinesiologist, mentor and passion fuelled writer based in Melbourne. She is the creator of the 31 Days of Soul Wellness E-course, and a cohost on the Pear Tree Collective, a home for conversations about authenticity, truth and soul! She is also a creative spirit and runs an Etsy shop in her spare time.

I met Mel about 9 months ago when I started my kinesiology sessions with her. Since then, my perspective on life has changed so much. Many of these perspective shifts came up in our sessions so her impact on my life has been huge! Every time I visit Mel, I am knocked off my feet from being utterly inspired by her wisdom and intuition.

Last week, I had the delightful, holistic experience of interviewing Mel and we talked kinesiology, the balance between intellect and intuition and advice for our souls!! I hope this interview inspires you just as much as it has inspired me! 

What was it that drew you to kinesiology and how did you come to study it?

When I was 24, I had my first operation but none of the doctors could tell me why it was that I needed the operation. In the healing process, I was able to observe my body and it was a really painful healing experience but also a really profound healing experience. For the first time, I noticed how incredible my body was. 

I turned to natural medicine and holistic ways of thinking. Kinesiology was the first thing that came up in every search result. I had no idea what it was from an intellectual level, but my body just buzzed - I couldn't get it out of mind.  I've never had such a profound, visceral response.

A few months later, I enrolled to study kinesiology for the first time. But it wasn’t the right time.  It wasn’t until the third time I enrolled that I actually stuck it out. 

I was 24 at the time and I knew that I needed to to discover and find out who I actually was first. So when I came home (after travelling), I knew I was ready to be present with studying kinesiology.

So it took 4 years before I actually studied kinesiology, but it was always something that I knew I would eventually get to.

How has starting your own kinesiology and life coaching practice affected you on a soul level? 

The longer I have my own practice, the more it keeps me growing and expanding on a personal and soul level. If I am not expanding and growing, then I cannot offer my clients the best that I possibly can. If there hasn’t been a shift after a few months, then I would check in with myself to see if there was something blocking me. 

On a soul level, having a kinesiology practice challenges me to be in alignment with my values, purely because I am so aware that what I am experiencing in my practice is a reflection of my personal life. 

It's not just doing the work, seeing the clients, doing the mentoring sessions. It's all the other stuff that is going to challenge you to think bigger and think more broadly. It’s one big healing, expansion experience.

I love the words on your website - creativity, inspiration, freedom. They are such powerful words and provoke a lot of emotion and expansiveness. What do these words mean to you in your life?

Creativity, inspiration and freedom are actually my core values. My 4th core value is integrity.

Creativity is about bringing curiosity into what I do. I also encourage my clients to think curiously and broadly.

Inspiration is a big one for me. It really fuels all of what I do. I have always been a big ideas person. I love asking questions. I was always such a curious person - always asking why.

And freedom - this means feeling free to be an individual and just fly. And that’s true for myself and the people I work with.

If we are ok with our individuality and we nourish that, this is when we really fly. 

What are some of the rituals in your typical day that make it amazing? 

I am a big one for morning routines. For the last couple of months, I have been a bit hit and miss with my morning routine and it has really affected my energy levels. I am getting back into it and it makes such a difference.

In the morning, I do half and hour of mediation or yoga and then I go for a walk on the beach for a half an hour. After that, I am so set for the day it is not funny.

Other things that come in incrementally is the artistic creativity. I would paint, draw or sketch. I love doing this at night - there is a beautiful energy for me at night which is wonderful - its really soothing.

I like sitting with a tea and contemplating. And I also make sure I get my 8 hours of sleep every night. 

How do you bring mindfulness into your day?

I would sit in a breath paced mediation and ask to be shown what needs to come in. Sometimes an animal totem, a crystal, or a colour will pop up. I just follow it through - follow the journey. This is where the curiosity comes in and I find that really fascinating.

I would just go into my little word and I get to travel through it even though I am just sitting on a cushion in my room. It's a very intuitive process.

I aim to be present in what I do and with whom I'm around, as best as I can. I'm a recovering multi-tasker and my mind can often naturally be five steps ahead of where I actually am, though I found that approach just created more stress and took me away from deeply experiencing life the way I wanted to. So now I try my best to focus on one thing at a time and try not to get too ahead of myself.

Life is simpler this way, and far sweeter.

What stirs a fire in your belly & makes your soul sing? 

Last year there were lots of new ideas and I was really being inspired by other people. But this year, there is a very different energy. This year, when I read a book and I notice how the words can glow from a page or I watch a movie and find that there is a line in which the words will just stay with me. 

I won’t know what this means intellectually, but from a soul level it will stay with me. I will ponder it for weeks until it makes sense. And when I get IT, that really stirs a fire in me. 

I love how you marry intellect with intuition. What does this mean for your life and how do you find balance between these two things?

It definitely takes practice. Traditionally I am a very intellectual person. When I was studying kinesiology in my first year, I learnt that you really need to combine your heart and mind. That’s where the truth speaks. So I spent years, if not longer, dropping back into my heart space.

Now I feel that my intellect and intuition are combined. I feel fluid and I feel that I am not manufacturing my words. It feels right and it feels true. It’s a voice that is not trying to sway you to take one side or another - it has a strength to it. It just is. 

You need to understand what your intuitive voice sounds like and then match your intellect and intuition - they become a like a partnership. 

And finally - what is your piece of soul advice would you like to share with the world? 

The biggest lesson is to nurture your own individuality. You think that sometimes you need to be bigger and stand out from the crowd. But you are already enough and you just have to nurture this. People just want your individuality and they want your truth.

I know that without question, that the moment I started accepting myself - everything else started to fall into place. 

For more information on Mel Horne, her kinesiology or mentoring business and Etsy store, pop over to her website and say hi! 

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