My Mindful Morning Ritual


Over the last two years I have created my own mindful morning ritual. Initially, I followed a very structured approach. It was like a timed routine - so that the completion of it would give me a sense that I had succeeded.

But nowadays, I am learning to let go of order and control, and embrace my rituals from a more intuitive perspective.

I have allowed my morning rituals to transform over time, letting them take whatever shape feels right. I now move through the morning with a sense of fluidity and flow. 

So today I will be sharing with you my favourite mindful morning rituals that bring energy and calm into my day. I don't do all of these in the one morning. Instead, I choose a few  things that I feel would bring me the most joy. For more ideas on how to create your own mindful morning ritual, have a look at my post on 50 Things To Make Mornings Brighter. 

My morning rituals are so much more than simply going through a series of steps in autopilot after I wake. It has become a mindful practice rather than a routine. 

For me, a mindful morning ritual reminds me to embrace the present, to be here now and to seek the moment.

My Mindful Morning Ritual

Wake up

These days, I am a morning person so I love waking early, discovering what the day will bring before anyone else is around. At present, I typically wake up at about 6am, which gives me enough time to do my rituals. 

I believe that if we rise just a little earlier each morning, it helps us create a slower, more mindful pace for our day.

On the other hand, I have also accepted that my body may crave sleep. And on these mornings, I allow myself to rest.

Mindful Tip : Also read How To Enjoy Waking Up Earlier which has some easy tips for becoming a "morning person".

Take time for breakfast

I love making time in the morning for my breakfast. It sets me up for the day ahead, I make sure that it is as nourishing as it is delicious. 

For my breakfast, I love using fresh ingredients that are low GI. These foods releases energy slowly over time, so you don't experience sugar peaks or lows during the first part of your day.

I also choose a cereal or bread that is composed of gluten free grains such as quinoa or millet and seeds such as chia or buckwheat to avoid feeling heavy after my first meal. I also add in fruits blueberries, goji berries, bananas and apples into my yoghurt, granola or smoothie too. Try my recipe for Spiced Vanilla Quinoa Porridge for something a bit different to start your day with. 

If I do yoga in the mornings, I tend to eat a light breakfast beforehand and usually have another small breakfast afterwards.

I love making a beautiful morning breakfasts! The fresh chai tea that I make to go with my breakfast is deliciously spicy!

I love making a beautiful morning breakfasts! The fresh chai tea that I make to go with my breakfast is deliciously spicy!

Make a juice or smoothie

Juicing in the morning brings me energy and clarity. I typically make a green juice with vegetables such as kale, beetroot, celery, cucumber, carrots and add in fruits such as apples or blueberries. 

For an simple green smoothie, I blend up a banana, an apple, a handful of kale, a small handful almonds or dates and coconut water.

Superfoods, such as maca powder (for sustained energy), cacao powder (for vitamins and minerals), and spirulina or chlorella (for detoxification) are also staple ingredients for my juices and smoothies. 

Mindful Tip : Enjoy the playful process of experimenting with different juice and smoothie combinations to find something that truly uplifts you!

Spend some time writing

In the quiet of the morning, I sit for about 30 minutes to write. I sometimes also edit photos that I have taken for the blog. I also journal. I spend a few minutes capturing the things I am grateful for, my thoughts and emotions in the present moment. I find it grounding, cathartic and humbling.

I also use Danielle Laporte's The Desire Map (affiliate link) to guide me through each morning - its completely changed how I now approach my day. I absolutely recommend this workbook to work out your core desired feelings!


Dry body brush

I love this! It's such a simple thing to do in the mornings. And it only takes 2 minutes! Using light to firm strokes, move your body brush up towards your heart, starting from your feet. 

Dry body brushing stimulates our lymphatic system, aids detoxification and removes dead skin cells from the largest organ in our body. I also find that because it is such a beautiful way to honour ourselves, it makes us reflect on our physical form without comparison, but with acceptance and love.

Mindful Tip : Try Bodecare's natural body brushes online if you are having difficulty finding them in stores.

Vinyasa yoga

In contrast to my night ritual which focuses on restorative postures, I prefer doing vinyasa yoga flow in the mornings, which is great for bringing fresh oxygen throughout the body. I love how the fast pacing of vinyasa yoga sun salutations energises and revitalised. Even if I only spend 15 minutes each morning, I find it still gets my heart pumping!

Mindful Tip : I love the Yoga Studio app which provides a variety of yoga lessons at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level!

Water the plants

In our little apartment, we currently have a tiny balcony which has just enough space to accommodate a few potted plants. And on some mornings, especially in the summer and spring, I love to spend a few minutes tending to our plants and terrariums. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with nature, even if it is for only a few minutes.

This is my terrarium. I keep it by the windowsill so that it catches the sunlight during the day.

This is my terrarium. I keep it by the windowsill so that it catches the sunlight during the day.

Some light meditation

In addition to yoga in the mornings, I also do a light meditation which lasts between 5 to 10 minutes, as part of my morning ritual. For the morning, I prefer to do a chakra meditation which also blends in some visualisation.

Meditation allows me to hone in on any emotions, feelings and thoughts that comes up for me. This self acknowledgement of where I am at is both grounding and freeing. I think it instills in me an awareness of the possibilities that the day will bring. And after my meditation is finished, I feel light, a greater sense of renewed inner confidence, which allows me to act on every opportunity that may arise. 

So that is my morning ritual! I promote ease and intuition with my morning rituals, taking each morning as a new beginning for me. This means that I do only the things that resonate strongly with me on the day, rather than going about it without mindfulness in haste.

What is your mindful morning ritual like? And what brings you immense joy in the mornings? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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