Things That Inspire Me When Spring Is In The Air


Over the last week, I have been excitedly, savouring the sunny afternoons - the subtle hint of warmer weather just over the horizon. As a result, it has re-energised me and inspired me to spend more of my time outside, seeking out blue skies, freshly cut lawns and the smell of blossoms in the air - all the things reminiscent of spring.

And amidst the hours when the sunlight filters through a veil of drifting clouds, I feel this energetic and intoxicating pull towards discovering the new with an open heart. Are you also feeling this pull?

So for today's post, I thought I would share with you a few of things that are inspiring me now that spring is in the air, coaxing me to come out of hibernation to embrace the lightness of the warmer months.

The 90 Day Transformation Project

I am super excited about Connie Chapman's 90 Day Transformation Project. The program is a beautifully written, heart filled step by step roadmap to living a life fulfilled. And I cannot wait to dive into it!

I was inspired to sign up for this course because I wanted to strengthen my foundations around holistic health. Since I have been spending 2014 and 2013 discovering different holistic wellness habits and practice, I am feeling like it's time for me to simplify, to refocus, to direct my energy towards habits that make the biggest impact on my life. 

As part of the 90 Day Transformation Project, I am also looking to set some new intentions for the next 6 months for all areas of my life, creativity, spirituality, connecting, holistic health and living intuitively. 

This project is certainly inspiring - and it could not have come at a better time for me. What a beautiful way to be spending the next few months, diving deep into some inner soul shaking work with Connie Chapman!


Fressko Tea and Fruit Flask

I recently purchased my new drink bottle from Melbourne based company, Fressko and I absolutely love it! One of the things I also love about this company is their philosophy on sustainability and simplicity -  "Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.”

These water flasks are considerately designed and double glassed so that it can keep your tea hot and your iced tea cold! They come with a handsome, bamboo lid and a tea leaf infuser filter so that you can brew as you go.

Since receiving my water flask, I have been adding slices of fresh lemon, strawberries and even goji berries in it for a refreshing drink at work. Have you made some iced tea to cool you down during hot summer afternoons too? I am impatiently waiting for the hot summer days to roll in so that I can make iced tea with fruit in it. 

These water flasks are inspiring me to get a little creative when it comes to making healthy drinks that will keep me hydrated throughout the day!


A New Diary


I know we still have a few months to go before we are in 2015, but my love for stationary means that I am already considering my diary options for next year!

I am dreaming of pressed, clean blank pages that have never been written in before. These crisp empty pages hold so much hope and anticipation for all the ideas and thoughts that will soon fill in the lines. For me, a fresh diary or journal is a symbol for new beginnings and creating new intentions.  

For this year, I have been using a Kikki K daily diary. The A5 diary is the perfect size - it has sufficient space for each day so that you can use it as a quick daily planner for listing intentions and gratitudes or you can use it as a journal to fill with your ideas, sketches and notes. Overall, the stationary obsessed part of me has been so impressed with this diary that I am eagerly waiting to get a new Kikki K diary for the following year. Are you also on the look out for a diary too? Which one do you use to keep track of things?



Founder of Roads - the multi-passionate Danielle Ryans

Founder of Roads - the multi-passionate Danielle Ryans

Roads Perfume Range  is a stunning selection of conceptual fragrances.

Roads Perfume Range is a stunning selection of conceptual fragrances.

Roads is a company, based in Dublin, Ireland founded by the remarkable Danielle Ryans. The thing that I love about Roads is that it is a multi passionate company which combines Ryan's varied interests on culture. It is so inspiring to see young, smart women like Danielle create something truly authentic and and so aligned with who she is.

Roads is a publishing house, a film studio as well as perfume house. 

The Roads perfume house is centred around the philosophy of creating a sensory, emotive experience that runs deeper than just the sense of smell - it is about the story, the thoughts and the atmosphere that the fragrance embodies. For example, the perfume White Noise "is based on technology, the global omnipresent force, humming quietly in the background of our everyday lives". 

With a range of 10 different conceptual fragrances, discovering the scent that aligns with your own identity and how you want to feel is definitely something that redefines the way we look at perfume. It is definitely going on my wish list for when I finish my current perfume.


KX Yoga

KX Yoga Studios  is a relaxing studio space located in Malvern, Melbourne.

KX Yoga Studios is a relaxing studio space located in Malvern, Melbourne.

Recently, I have been trying out KX Yoga, located in Malvern. KX Yoga opened earlier this year and offers a few different styles of yoga, from faster paced Vinyasa movements to slower restorative classes. The classes are run at temperatures between 25 degrees to 30 degrees. 

The yoga studio space is calming - it makes me feel light, energised and happy even before me class! The best thing about these studios is that the classes are always fully assisted with an assistant yoga teacher. The assistant teacher provides addition guidance to each student individually throughout the class, helping you sink deeper into your posture.

The classes are also size regulated so that they are never crowded - there is always space around you and your yoga mat so that you can really tune into your own practice without added distractions.

And, since it is spring, it's the perfect time to move into a more committed and regular yoga practice. Like other yoga studios, KX Yoga has an intro offer which is $25 for 10 days, so if you live near the area, be sure to give it a go.

So what about you? What are some of the things that is inspiring you at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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