The Art of Single Tasking

The Art of Single Tasking

Over the last few years, multi-tasking has slowly become a habit for me. It has only been recently that I have started to discover the art of single tasking for myself! Initially, I thought it was just a more efficient way for me to juggle various things at the one time. 

I felt like I was being productive; ticking things off my to do list. It seemed like it was having a positive impact on my life at work.

So after work, I would continue my multi-tasking at home too. I would do my house chores while preparing dinner while writing a blog post. Over time, I found that multi-tasking had become more than a habit, but a way I went about my day. It was so rare for me to be single tasked focused, doing only one thing at a time - like eat my breakfast without staring at my computer screen. 

By the end of the day, when I had finally finished ticked off all my tasks in a chaotic scramble, I felt restless, anxious and disconnected. I felt like I was struggling to find calm as I moved throughout the day.

I believe that by doing various tasks at the same time, we no longer move through each moment with intention, but simply going through the motions. I believe that each intention holds energy (whether negative or positive).

And by doing things without intent, without thought, without focus, we are not giving this task our positive energy in order to truly experience the moment. 

As a result, we end up gliding along the surface of our experiences - failing to go deeper.

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