Seeing The World With Childlike Curiosity

Seeing The World With Childlike Curiosity

As I get older, it can be so easy to forget the simple bliss that comes from experiencing the world through a childlike lens - full of gentle curiosity and wide open wonder.

When I reflect back on my childhood, I remember tea parties under lemon trees and darting through sprinklers in bursts of giggles and excitement. I remember endless summer days spent foraging for insects amongst tropical ferns. And I remember building fortresses made of sheets and pillows that became temporary hiding spots. 

Within these memories, I am reminded of this younger part of me that I have left behind. Somewhere along the way, I have learned to turn down the volume. And over time, her voice, her desires and her dreams have gradually faded away. 

And in the last few months, after a session with my kinesiologist, I felt pulled towards reconnecting with her, my inner child, again. Connecting with our inner child can be such a healing, mindful and cathartic experience, awakening a sense of playfulness within.

Elizabeth Gilbert encourages us to “be childlike in our pursuit of life”. In doing so we will refuse to let our to-do lists, our jobs, our bitterness or cynicism shut down the joy of our experience in the moment. However, she does make a good point in that bringing out our childlike selves does not mean that we should be childish, acting without maturity.

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