Japan, A Place To Call Home

Japan, A Place To Call Home

In April this year, I packed my bags and moved to the other side of the world - to Japan, a place that speaks effortlessly to my heart.

For many years, my holidays would always include trips to a quiet shrine tucked away in the forest, letting my worries melt away in an onsen, getting lost in the nature and mountains of Shikoku, or being carried away by the craze of neon Tokyo. This, coupled with years studying the language in Melbourne, it seemed like I had been paving this path to move here for many years.

Looking back, I can now see how all the dots have connected. 

Intuition beckoned me - I knew that upon returning from my final trip to Japan (read about it here) that my life in Melbourne was to come to a beautiful close. I remembered receiving the image of puzzle pieces being tossed up in the air - a big sign that everything was about to change and that a bold new beginning was on the horizon. 

I knew that if I chose to back away from taking action on it, i would be turning my back on my truth. In a way, intuition was calling me out to explore my fear - fear of what this big life change would mean for me. My intuition was gently asking me to play in the uncertainty of it all. 

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