In This Moment I am... Taking Stock

In This Moment I am... Taking Stock

I was inspired by my dear friend Nikki, over at Nikki De Vet, to do a "taking stock" post. A taking stock post involves simply writing down a list of what you are doing, thinking, feeling, creating and dreaming up in the moment. I thought it would be an interesting "journalling" exercise to reflect on where I was at in this new year so far.

After making my list which I have shared below, I actually felt incredibly grateful knowing that I was living each moment to my fullest and that my day or moments were actually so varied.

It was also a good reminder for me to slow things down a little and to live a simpler life as I seem to fall head over heels with so many different things at once. But, on the other hand, being a multi passionate person can also mean that you constantly have a seemingly endless supply of ideas that inspire you to live bigger and dream bigger.

All in all - I guess it is about finding a healthy balance between keeping a steady focus and welcoming in the inspiration.

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