4 Mindful Lessons For Letting Things Go

4 Mindful Lessons For Letting Things Go

In reflection of the last 12 months, 2014 was one hell of a challenging year for me. It was a year where I was called to let go of all the things that I had been holding onto; emotionally, physically and mentally so that I could grow and emerge a stronger person on the other side.

I started off 2014, on the 1st of January with a relationship breakup. I was shattered by this at the time. Not only was I deeply shocked and hurt, but I was also disappointed that I was to start my year in such a way.

In hindsight, this was the catalyst for me to re-evaluate various aspects of my life that I had been holding on to and trying to control.

And so for the majority of 2014, I spent my energy releasing this control and desire for things to always go my way.

At first, I started with letting go of habits that no longer brought out the joy and lightness in me. Things like multi-tasking, starting too many projects, saying yes to things I felt obligated to etc. I started to detach my emotional hold on physical things and disposed or gave away items that were not really adding value to my life. And finally I tackled the big stuff like moving on from friendships and relationships that were no longer bringing out the best in me. I also started to change the stories around money and relationships that I been telling myself.

So in review of my year of letting things go, here are 4 mindful lessons that I encountered along the way.

PS. Whilst most of these lessons came about as I was moving through my relationship break up, I feel they are still relevant for letting go, releasing, detaching and decluttering in all areas of life!

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Mindful Guide To Decluttering

Mindful Guide To Decluttering

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote as I felt a strong pull to retreat, so that I could spend some much needed time for myself. For me, July was a month where the energy was continuously shifting. Did you feel this too?

It felt like the ground was constantly moving, unstable beneath my feet.

I believe that these energy shifts come to us when we are ready for change, for the next step, for something new to come into our lives. But, it is not without its challenges.

And so, the month began with emotional highs and lows that brought up resistance, discomfort and unease.

I had just turned 30. And so for the first half of July, I found myself coming to terms with this "pivotal point" in my life. And to my surprise, there was so much fear that kept coming up - the fear that I had not achieved the things that 30 year olds "should" have done. Even though, intuitively, I knew that I was on the right path, I still felt pressured to be part of these societal expectations.

However, this time, I made the decision to sit with this resistance in order to let it go and to move forward. I wanted to observe its presence without judgement. And so, I spent the next 6 weeks dosing up on self love and being so kind to myself. 

And gradually, with time, my discomfort simmered down. To me, it's like what happens after a downpour of rain. The glow of the sun slowly dries up the ground, revealing something better beyond the horizon. And I am feeling this little buzz of energy, of lightness, of expansiveness returning to me. 

For the last month, by listening closely to my intuition, I have been focusing on the act of letting go. Up until July, I had been tightening my grip on all areas of my life, trying to control the outcome. It was as if I was trying to stop time in a way by holding onto all the things that were currently in my life at that moment. I was afraid to let them go completely.

The interesting thing was, once I started to release my grip, I realised that energetically, emotionally and physically, space was created to welcome in better things. 

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3 Steps To End Negative Self Talk

3 Steps To End Negative Self Talk

In my mid 20s, I spent a lot of my time inside my head, with my thoughts. And at the worst of times, I had a consistent case of negative self talk. 

As a result, I was easily stressed from the expectations that I had put upon myself in regards to study, career and meeting society's definition of success. I was emotionally reactive, especially when it came to relationships, repeating familiar patterns. At that time, I guess I didn't really know who I was. I wished that I could somehow put a stop to this negative self talk that had wedged its way into my head and taken over my self esteem. 

However, I knew how I wanted to feel. I wanted to experience and appreciate life fully, seeing things in technicolor rather than through a greyscale lens. I wanted clarity around my identity so that I could live my life authentically. I wanted to live in flow rather than feeling the need to control a situation or hold onto expectations. And, I wanted to feel peace so that I could go about my day without stress or fear.

For the last 2 years, I have been working towards this. For me, the journey started with developing a greater sense of awareness and acceptance. 

It can be so easy for us to live life in autopilot, with a blurred vision of each moment and future projecting to the next thing. By simply bringing awareness to the flow of our thoughts, emotions and reactions, it can help us gain a deeper understanding around who we are, reduce the tendency for us to propagate negative self talk, and offer lightness and clarity.

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