12 Ways to Connect with Nature

12 Ways to Connect with Nature

Recently, I have been feeling a strong pull towards connecting more with nature; to come out of hiding, to seek freedom, to feel grounded and alive. It has been something that, admittedly, I had been neglecting for a long time. Particularly living in the inner city has meant that I often swapped outdoor activities in exchange for long chats at cafes and the like. 

In the last few months however, I have felt completely refreshed when I spend a weekend out of the city and head for the hills! 

I am starting to crave the freedom. I am starting to find a new awareness of the environment around me. I am starting to feel the uplifting impact it has on my soul. And I am revelling in this space. 

This has lead me to incorporate more opportunities to connect with nature. Today, I am sharing with you 12 interesting ways that I connect with nature.

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