Recipe Vanilla Chai Quinoa Porridge

Recipe Vanilla Chai Quinoa Porridge

This morning, a frosty dew has settled on the window pane but the light is warm and soothing. 

One of my favourite things to do as part of my mindful morning ritual is to prepare my breakfast, slowly, with intention - letting the beginning of the day seep in gradually. On mornings like these, I love waking up to a wholesome, warming bowl of Spiced Vanilla Quinoa Porridge to go with my tea. 

For today's recipe, I have decided to use quinoa. Quinoa is a complex grain and makes a protein rich, nourishing alternative to the conventional cereals. My quinoa porridge has a few extra ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to bring in some added flavour too.

Cinnamon is known to be a preventive for the common cold and nutmeg has antibacterial properties which makes these two a perfect combination for cold winter mornings. 

I used rice milk and coconut yoghurt in this recipe to keep things dairy free. You can also use almond milk instead to give it a creamier texture. 

For the topping, I added my favourite super foods such as chia seeds, an excellent source for omega 3 and fibre. The line up also includes goji berries, blueberries and cacao nibs which are packed with anti-oxidants.

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