Why I Love Spending Time Alone

Why I Love Spending Time Alone

As an only child, I was happy to spend time on my own - mindful, content and confident in my own skin. I loved books, drawing and just observing the world around me. 

However, by the time I was in university, meeting new friends, going out to parties or dinners became my life and a priority. I found myself spending the majority of my spare moments with friends and my boyfriend at the time. 

I became used to having this emotional support from the people around me, to cheer me on, to pick me up, to reassure me that everything was ok. This became the source of my confidence and I ended up craving this ego boost whenever I felt lonely.

At this stage of my life, having a strong core group of friends made me feel better about myself. And sometimes, it is really important to have a solid network of people you can depend on to share your burdens, heartaches and challenges.

We have a natural tendency to seek companionship, to share our time and the things we love with people. However, this becomes unhealthy when companionship is used as a distraction out of fear of being alone.

Over time, I formed a habit of looking outside of myself to seek confirmation to know that I was enough. At this point in my life, it seemed so much easier to get this validation from others than it was to find it within myself.

But when it comes to self confidence, it should not be dependent on what other's opinions are of us. Being comfortable with ourselves needs to come from us.

Therefore, learning to enjoy the time we have to ourselves is important. It gives us time to reflect, sit with our feelings, tap into our intuition and rest. It also gives us time to do what we really want to do - such as our hobbies, cooking, going for walks, or going to a yoga class. Read my post on 50 Things To Do Alone for some creative ideas!

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