Inspired People : Interview with Roz Campbell (Tsuno)

Inspired People : Interview with Roz Campbell (Tsuno)

Tsuno is a Melbourne based company created by industrial designer and social entrepreneur, Roz Campbell, that makes sustainable sanitary pads and liners with a social focus. I think I immediately fell head over heels for Tsuno. Everything about this company spoke to me so I dived in and ordered a years worth of pads! 

I was so excited about these that I waited impatiently for them to turn up at my doorstep. And Tsuno’s pads are indeed stunning! They are environmentally friendly and sustainable, made from natural bamboo fibres with biodegradable wrappers and the boxes are beautifully designed by a local Melbourne artist. For the first time, I was anxiously awaiting my period because I couldn’t wait to use them!

But one major thing that truly struck a chord with me about Tsuno is that it has a much bigger vision to bring about positive change in the world. With every transaction, 50% of Tsuno’s profits go to charities focused on international women’s development.

These international projects create opportunities for women in the developing world so that they can have access to pads, tampons, clean water, social rights and equality and education. 

Everything we spend our money on is a vote for what we value, what we stand for and what change we want to make. What we spend our money on should be a conscious decision. This is why Tsuno is important; for not only raising the awareness of this issue, but for making it accessible to those that want to contribute and do their part in making a difference. 

When I met up with Roz Campbell for a chat and a sneaky drink one afternoon, I left our interview so inspired and motivated. This is what this lady does to you! She is intelligent, with a bold creative flare and a witty style for story telling. Read on for the interview and be inspired too!

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