My Chakra Meditation & Visualisation Practice

My Chakra Meditation & Visualisation Practice

My chakra meditation and visualisation practice is one of my favourite mindful morning rituals. It is a practice that I have created, shaped and moulded over the last two years, so that it resonates with me, in the moment. After I complete this meditation, I feel like I am glowing with joy, like the day is just waiting for me to dive right in!

When I was first introduced to meditation, I followed guided videos online, but they always left me feeling agitated and disconnected from myself. 

Along the way, I learnt that I experienced more joy and lightness from my meditation if I adapted it to suit my own spiritual path.

The practice felt more authentic, more relatable, and more connected to me and what I was experiencing at the time.

In addition, I learnt to let go of any expectations for myself when I followed other meditation styles. Instead, I became open to exploring different techniques and eager to discover things that would influence or inspire my own practice.

So today, I will share with you my morning meditation and visualisation practice, which is a bit different from some of the other meditation styles that you may have come across. I hope it helps inspire you to find your own meditation practice too.

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