What To Pack For A Wellness Retreat

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In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how to prepare for a wellness retreat (Read about it here). I also covered in another post, my own experience at the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand (Read about it here).

Today, I will be covering the items you will need to pack with you to get the most out of your retreat experience. 

Along with your normal necessities, here is a list of things that you should not leave home without.

Comfortable clothes 

When I went to the retreat in Thailand, the weather was hot and humid so a pair of silk or cotton pants, a simple tank top and air sundress was perfect.

Pick out clothing pieces that fill you with an expansive energy, relaxes and calms you.

Keep your outfit as simple as possible so that you can easily change between massages, yoga classes or going on a hike.

I love these pants from Bohemian Island!!

Comfortable shoes 

I spent most of my time at the sanctuary grounds in sandals. My sandals had a few buckles so I found myself constantly doing up my buckles. In hindsight, I would choose some light slip on sandals. Also consider if you will be spending a lot of time exercising. Yoga can be done without any shoes but if you plan on doing some gym classes or a hike then you will need to have the appropriate shoes for these activities. 


I loved journalling during my retreat. It really helped me empty out any thoughts that I found running through my head. It was beautiful way to track how I was feeling and also to explore new concepts further. 

If you haven't already done The Desire Map by the fabulous Danielle Laporte (affiliate link), then the retreat would be a fantastic time to do this. Its basically a workbook which helps you create a roadmap to your inner desired feelings - feelings that you will use to guide your decisions and direction in life. Its been an amazing game changer for me and I cannot recommend this enough!



This was an amazing way for me to sit and be still. Choose books that will have your spirit and mind soaring and beaming with inspired action. 

Also, try pairing your books with the location you are in, allowing your mind to run free with creativity. I read the beach whilst in Thailand and it really heightened my senses and experience.

A little reminder - give yourself a bit of a break from reading whilst at the retreat from time to time. Being at the retreat means that you will have the time to enjoy life without any distractions so that you can fully focus on the present moment.

Below are some books I think will make for an interesting read!

Yoga clothes and gym clothes

I made the mistake of packing two pairs of yoga pants and two tops and found myself constantly washing them each day after my yoga classes. If you plan on exercising and attending yoga classes, I would recommend three pairs of yoga pants / gym pants and three tops if your luggage allows for it.

Cotton tote bag

A light cotton tote comes in very handy during your stay at the retreat. You will likely be going from place to place throughout the day so bringing this along to hold your sunglasses, sunscreen, book and water bottle makes things more convenient.

I love this summery tote - perfect for days at the retreat.

I love this summery tote - perfect for days at the retreat.

Essential oils

This one is a bit indulgent but also a great way to establish the mood. Some retreats will have oil burners in each room so that you can let an aroma infuse your space. Otherwise, essential oils are compact enough to carry around with you, to dab onto your wrists instead of your normal perfume too. Choose a scent that brings you peace, joy, love - whatever it is that you want to feel. Try the alchemical oils from Sacred Self.

Swim suit 

For retreats that are located close to a beach or have a pool, the swim suit is a necessity. In addition, don't forget your sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen too. 

A Crystal

The space in a retreat will often have a beautiful energy in it. And putting these in your room can also help your healing process too. I brought along my clear quartz crystal necklace to my retreat and took it into the Monks Cave during my morning meditations. The sacred energy of this cave at Kamalaya worked wonders to cleanse my crystal.

I bought my quartz pendant from    HawkCouture on Etsy

I bought my quartz pendant from HawkCouture on Etsy

Oracle cards

During communal dinners, we each picked out an oracle card before our meals. It was such a beautiful ritual to have and also opened up the doors to some deep and meaningful discussions. 

Here is a printable checklist for you to use for your wellness retreat packing. You can pin it to your Pinterest board or print it out for reference.

Pinterest - What To Pack For A Wellness Retreat Checklist

So over to you : Have you been to a wellness retreat before? What did you pack and bring along with you? 

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