I love creating and exploring visual expression through considered design. With my intuition work, I believe in taking the design process deeper, connecting this form of expression back to the essence of our own identity and truth.

As a graphic designer and an intuition coach, I love collaborating with creative souls with a desire to express their brand or work in a way that is deeply reflective of themselves. I have over 8 years experience in marketing, brand strategy, project management and have spent the last 7 years, working on various packaging and branding identity projects for Twinings and Loving Earth as well as for my own graphic design business. 

I specialise in

  • brand identity

  • branding for Squarespace websites

  • packaging design


Your Design Process will involve

  • an exploration of how you want to express yourself and the various aspects of your soul, visually through your brand.

  • incorporating elements of Intuition Coaching as we work on your project.  I absolutely love working with my clients from this space and I feel that an intuitive creative process delivers such connected, soul-interwoven art.

  • working with energy, reiki, meditation and intuition to bring out the highest vibration of your essence. I love infusing energy medicine, meditation and reiki during the creative process. I use this to tune in to my client's energy and their highest intentions for their project. 

  • defining the images, shapes, words, textures, symbolism and concepts that expresses who you are.

  • an exploration of how you want people to feel when they connect with your brand.

  • balancing both heart and head. I also bring into the mix, my experience from over 8 years of working in marketing and brand strategy to help you communicate your design and brand identity effectively your target market.



"I loved working on the initial phase where Jo asked me to compile a collection of images, songs, feelings, words and colours that resonated with me and my brand. This was incredibly explorative for me and uncovered so many new layers to my self and my business that I hadn't realised. From this activity I now have a sense of direction and understanding of where I want my brand to grow to and also what values and emotions are deeply rooted in my brand already. What I also loved was that Jo responded with her own mood board based on conversations, meditations and my references."

Send me an email to enquire about a design project and get a quote. or write me if you have a collaboration project.

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I also offer 60 minute Design Consultation Sessions where we spend 60 minutes workshopping a project that you are in the process of creating. This could be something like a logo, website or any kind of design piece that you are working on at the moment.

During the session we would cover various aspects of the design (typography, colour, image, structure, form, composition) and I provide all our notes and next action steps for you after the consultation.

Prior to our session, I would request for any relevant notes and the designs to be sent through to my email so I can create a structure for the flow of our consultation session. 


Each session is created and customized especially for you and your branding strategy requirements



This Design Consultation is a beautiful choice for someone who loves the process of creation and already feels comfortable using design software to create their own content and would like some additional guidance to take their design and brand strategy to the next level without moving through a complete full brand redesign.

Your Investment



60 minute session

OPTION 2 : Design Consultation Package


4 x 60 minute sessions valid over the 6 months



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