I specialise in brand identity conceptualisation and creation. Think: functional, custom websites; bespoke logos; and stunning, borderline-OCD, attention to detail designs. 

My philosophy? Design is more than just making things ‘look pretty’; it’s about tapping into our intuition to create considered, visual expressions of the essence - the deep down ‘why?’ behind every brand.

My hand-on-my-heart mission? To create intelligent, intuitive design solutions that help game-changing brands communicate their essence to the world with integrity.


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My Design Philosophy

Consciousness. Curiosity. Intuition.

I have always approached life a little differently - a little more intuitively, I guess you could say. I tend to read people; not in a scary, I-know-what-you-did-last-night kind of way, but more so in a manner that allows me to dig deeper and ask the right questions so I can empathetically connect to them and their brand. I wholeheartedly believe design to be a deeply personal choice that requires a human element to truly ‘speak’ our brand’s language.


I also design …


Social Media Newsletter

Digital Templates


Media Kit


Business Card




Posters & Postcards

Flyers & Brochures



Portfolio & Resume


Brand  Strategy

Creative Direction



Heart over hustle. Always.

When working on design projects, I prefer a gentle yet purposeful approach. For me, it’s all about being guided by my intuition, finding that delicate balance between head and heart, and holding space to support my clients through the creation process. 

I believe in the power of being ‘present' in the work we do, and fully committing to each client I work with, every project I bring to life. This is why I weave intuition, reiki and meditation practices into my creative process; so I can tap into your brand and essence at an energetic level. 

That being said, if you prefer a more direct approach when working together, we can also do that. My services are completely customisable, and I offer all clients a personalised experience.


Your CREATION Process will ALSO involve

  • an exploration of how you can visually express yourself and your business.
  • incorporating elements of Intuition Coaching to support and hold space throughout your creation process.
  • working with energy, reiki, meditation and intuition to bring out the highest vibration of your essence.
  • defining your brand using a sensory mood board to capture the emotions, words, textures, symbolism and concepts that represent your business and your brand.
  • balancing both heart and head with my experience from over 8 years of working in marketing and brand strategy to help you define your brand identity for your target market.

the creative process experience


"I loved working on the initial phase where Jo asked me to compile a collection of images, songs, feelings, words and colours that resonated with me and my brand. This was incredibly explorative for me and uncovered so many new layers to my self and my business that I hadn't realised. From this activity I now have a sense of direction and understanding of where I want my brand to grow to and also what values and emotions are deeply rooted in my brand already. What I also loved was that Jo responded with her own mood board based on conversations, meditations and my references."



Jo has created a beautiful website that is a cinch for me to update, and quite hard for me to mess up! She’s created a social media style guide, amazing templates to display my imagery and events, many, many pieces of collateral, and an entire visual structure that enables me to produce and publish my own videos. And she’s done it all with complete grace and delicately-provided guidance along the way. She really is incredibly gifted, and I would be at a loss without her. Obviously, I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Thank you Jo for what you’ve created for me - I still pinch myself when I see how beautifully you’ve expressed my business to the world "



"Jo's clarity in terms of the design process gave us such a feeling of being held. We loved co creating a a vision board, working to refine the design together and checking in to see how the design felt for us at every step. This helped to ensure that we were always honouring ourselves and our business at each stage.
We loved seeing the design evolve - this was really exciting and the finished product was even better than we could have ever imagined. It was a beautiful journey together and it felt so good that Jo was as excited about what we were birthing as we were."



"When I worked with Jo Chun Yan, I was part of the process. She drew out of me exactly what I wanted, before I even knew what that was. I learned so much. I felt I had finally taken the first step in my business outside of all the yoga teacher trainings and workshops and classes and practice and reading. Which felt good. And empowering. And super motivating.

I really enjoyed working on a Pinterest board for Jo. She instructed me to go beyond pinning websites and layouts I liked and to chose colours, fonts, textures – any image that sparks something. Finally, whittle that collection down to the perfect 20. Where every image has a place (totally reminds me of writing poetry!"

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>> Download my Design Intro Kit and Pricelist here! <<

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