intuition coaching for conscious creatives and entrepreneurs

As an intuition coach (Beautiful You Coaching Academy), I work with conscious entrepreneurs and creatives who are looking to uplevel their energetic business whilst holding sacred space to live deeply connected to their intuition.

Over 4 months and 8 intuition coaching sessions, we will focus on :

Getting clarity on your branding in your business and how it translates visually.

Setting powerful intentions that you could bring into each moment of your day and pairing that with a goal and intuitive action.

Creating a foundational practice using intuitive rituals to deepen the connection to self and hold space for your intuition to channel through.



There is something that is within you, a kind of stirring, like the faint glow of an orb sitting within your soul. There is something here that has been beckoning you lean into it. Its been there for a while now, glowing and quiet. Perhaps it’s the dream you have for expanding your ceramics shop or building a quiet yoga studio, or finding a place where you can feel creative and completely in your element. Or it could be simply about finding space - your little sanctuary where you can sit; connected to your higher self.

And every time you do something that doesn't feel completely fulfilling, this stirring nudges you to take a step towards it.

And yet, even though there are moments of deep connection, beauty and heart, you may have somehow filled it to the brim of "things you should do" in your business or your life, rather than with the things you know would really nourish you. We move through our day, always beginning our morning with the best of intentions - maybe a little yoga and meditation before the crazy rush of work sets in.

How we show up in our work (or business) is often a reflection of our relationship to ourselves. It reflects our beliefs, our integrity, our values, our energy and also our fears too. Peeling back the layers around our connection to our own sense of self is foundational and creates clarity when it comes to how you move through your life.


So what if you could bring more alignment, intention and balance in your energetic business and in your life? Yes, it will feel scary, messy and uncomfortable. But, perhaps it’s time for you to lean in to the inner whisper of your intuition and allow that to guide you.


  • Are you ready to uplevel your energetic business and your life?

  • Are you are ready to live with greater consciousness and lean in with curiosity?

  • Are you are excited follow what feels aligned and intuitive for you?

  • Are you are open to changing your perspectives and release old habits?

  • Are you are craving that expansiveness of being in flow and in flourish?

  • Are you ready to get a little uncomfortable in order to expand your comfort zone?

  • Are you are willing to commit and do the inner work?

  • Are you are ready to take the necessary action?

  • Are you open to allowing your transformation to unfold as it is meant to?



Intention and goal setting and tracking

Over the course of 4 months, you will have 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month (8 coaching sessions in total). At the beginning of the series, you will explore an intention and a goal and build foundational rituals that will help you take action in living your intention. Throughout the coaching series you will also create new aligned intuitive actions to track and honour your progress.

Deeply intuitive

I use an intuitive approach to coaching so each experience and each session will be different. Depending on how the energy feels during the session and what I tap into, I may guide you through a deep meditation to find grounding and clarity, we may do some self enquiry and move through a worksheet together or I may do some reiki or energy work to explore what needs to be healed and released. 


The Intuition Coaching series will be personalised based on you and what you need from it. I don't follow a one-size fits all approach because every single client is different.

Balancing the heart and head

I believe in balancing the head and the heart, the yin and the yang, the shiva and the shakti. Your sessions will be focused, grounded and intentional with practical action steps but will still feel deeply intuitive.

Holistic Integration

I use a range of different techniques and rituals to help you create the best coaching experience for you. I blend in reiki, energy healing, meditation, mantra, chakra work and mindful practices into our sessions.

Open Communication

With the series, you will also be able to contact me via email between each session. The email support will be another opportunity for you to get ongoing coaching from me.  Sometimes having someone that can guide you through it all, especially when you are having those "not so hot" days, continuously throughout your series can be so helpful!


  • Exploring conscious branding (message, voice, visual, ideal client etc) for your energetic business

  • Seeing how the essence of your brand translates visually

  • Tuning your body into a channel for you intuition to flow through

  • Creating beautiful spiritual practices to deepen your intuition and creativity

  • Uplevelling your understanding and connection to your inner wisdom

  • Exploring how you receive and work with your intuition

  • Peeling back the layers, allowing you to unravel and release what you are ready to let go of/ 'release what is holding you back'?

  • Creating powerful actions aligned to your deepest desires that balance both head and heart

  • Uncovering your light and your shadow aspects

  • Carving out foundational, supportive and nourishing rituals to move through your day

  • Finding crystal clear clarity on how to live consciously, according to your own philosophy around the areas of work, wellness, relationships, creativity and spirituality.



Over the last few years, I have been curiously dancing with intuition. 


How it started : I remember, in my mid twenties, the oppressive anguish of being confined to my comfort zone. Not daring to wobble the delicate balance of calculated future plans. But the playful beating of my heart, was always there, beckoning me to colour outside the lines. Like you, I knew, deep down that I was always meant to go against the grain. And so I said yes to dancing with my intuition.

That year, I enrolled in a graduate diploma in graphic design whilst completing my final year of my degree in engineering. That decision changed everything for me - it ignited my spirit.

And since that day, I have continued to hold space for intuition in my life. It has allowed me to connect deeply with all aspects of myself - shadow and light. In my late twenties, it guided me through releasing relationships that no longer served me and lead me to my dream job with a beautiful ethical health food company called Loving Earth. I started exploring intuitive daily rituals and practices like yoga, reiki, energy medicine and meditation.  

And a few years ago, I was called to pack up my life and move across the world to a place where my spirit was healed - Japan. And in this beautiful country, I felt called to start my business. Besides Intuition Coaching, I now work as a Conscious Brand Designer, blending my graphic design skills and OCD attention to detail with 8 years of work experience in marketing and branding.



When we dive deep into exploring our intuition, it can take us down the most beautiful of winding roads; revealing powerful life lessons, synchronicities and perspective shifts.


If you are interested in doing the Intuition Coaching Series or have any questions about the coaching process, I offer a complimentary consultation over Zoom. During this session, you will receive :

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire 

1 x 30 minute Zoom Pre-Coaching chat

This session is Complimentary




Email support between sessions

Customised Worksheets as required

Guided Energy Healing, Reiki & Meditation practice as required

Valued at $250 AUD per session


Valued at $29 AUD Read more about it here


$1800 AUD OR $475 per month for 4 months

Please Note / Sessions are conducted via Zoom and will require internet access. The branding exploration is conducted in the format of a workshop over three coaching sessions. In it, we will explore different aspects of your brand (voice, messaging, visual style, ideal client). This is not equivalent to the Conscious Brand Strategy Workshop and/or Branding Design work.


follow ups beyond 3 months : 60 minutes : $180 

reiki healing session : 45 minutes : $120

To begin - Get in touch and book in your complimentary coaching session