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Book your free 30-minute session and get clarity around your strategy for bringing your product into the carts *and hearts* of your customer.

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If you have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQs, get in touch with us directly for further information or clarification.

What is the Free Strategy Session?

Are you looking to work with us on your packaging or branding project?

We offer a 30-minute Free Strategy Session to clearly define your goals and the specific requirements (timelines, budget, packaging or branding features) you may need to consider to deliver high-impact results on the shelf and in-store.

The session is also an excellent opportunity for us to chat more about your project and whether we would be a good fit to work together.

Are we a good match to work together?

Are we the matcha to your latte? We would likely make a great team to work together if:

You have a bigger purpose when it comes to your business.

I love working with brands and businesses on who are on a mission to create a net positive impact on their communities and customers. We will be a great fit if your business goals are more than chasing the bottom line!

You are ready to fully trust the design process (*and us*)

The best ideas come to life when co-create with our clients who put their trust in our expertise, experience and design process. You are likely open-minded, intuitive, forward-focused and love collaborating with others in your business.

You understand that your customer is the hero of your brand.

While we hope you love our designs, effective packaging design and branding is all about calling out to your specific customers. This may mean letting go of your personal preferences and putting your customers first in the design process.

Do you work with a service-based biz?

Our expertise and experience is in packaging and branding for product-based businesses. However, we also love working with future-focused, conscious business owners.

We would love to hear more about your project if you have a service-based business (coach, alternative health practitioner, yoga teacher, course creator or content creator). We offer brand identity design and private 1:1 brand mentoring for service-based founders.

What happens after our Strategy Session?

If we are a great match to work together, you will receive a quote proposal for your project or coaching package to move you towards your vision. Say yes to working together to accept your quote and book your project into my calendar to get started. This step will also include paying a deposit and signing a working contract.

Do you offer payment plans?

We provide a four-month payment plan for projects larger than $1,000. Alternative payment plans can be arranged upon request.

How do we get started on my project?

To begin your project, accept your quote by email and pay your deposit to book your design spot.

Your quote will include the details on your project start date, deposit, payment plan, and your next action steps.

How do you design for lots of products?

We can discuss this during your 30-minute Free Strategy Session! For large product ranges, we could offer a custom package that includes a scaleable packaging template structure.

This gives you the flexibility to add more new products to your range without having to start your packaging projects from scratch with each new SKU and saves you money on packaging design, printing and manufacturing.

Do you design just a logo; not a full brand?

If you have chosen your brand's fonts and colours, we can offer an add-on service for a type-based logo. This add-on can be combined with another design offering, such as packaging design.

For branding to feel cohesive, long-lasting and impactful, we may recommend a rebrand to fully capture the essence of your brand's identity in the world. Let's chat further to see what your next steps could look like.

Have another question?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQs, get in touch with us directly for further information or clarification.