Jo ChunYan Brand Designer & Coach
About me

Hello I'm Jo

Jo ChunYan Brand Designer & Coach

Aspiring ambivert, packaging nerd, and lifelong kimchi fan and founder of Jo ChunYan Design Studio.

I'm a packaging and brand designer for vision-fuelled business owners and their products, author of The Intuition Journal, and mentor for conscious brand founders.

How we can co-create together

Our design approach

I have always approached life a little differently. I tend to read people; in a way that allows me to dig deeper and intuitively ask the right questions so I can empathetically connect the dots between you, your best customers and your brand’s essence.

That's why I infuse this aspect of deep enquiry into your design process.

Infusing strategy, integrity and creativity into your design process for cultivating genuine human connection.

Conscious creativity

The final result has been consciously designed to capture the true essence of your brand. Doing so ensures that your packaging and brand feel cohesive and carry an energetic resonance with your customer at every touchpoint.

Business Integrity

When your business is built from alignment and integrity with your customers' shared values and vision, it guides each business decision you make; from the ingredients or materials you source, the transformation and impact of your product to the people you work with along the way.

Strategic experience

I have over 13 years of experience in branding, trade merchandise marketing, NPD, and packaging design. I've worked with global FMCGs like Unilever, Twinings, and Loving Earth, as well as local brands. I've launched hundreds of products into retail with great success.

4 step framework

What's it like to work together? Here's our 4 step framework for getting your packaging and branding project from concept to cart.

Phase One


Brand discovery

In this first step, we identify the vision for your brand and your product-based business, explore what your brand is (and what it isn’t), and create a strategy for our project that leverages its point of difference, nurturing it for growth.

Phase Two


Creative direction

We then bring to life the creative direction for your project in the context of your packaging and other brand touch-points to capture your brand’s essence in a way that emotionally and visually resonates with your customers.

*For offerings that include creative direction only*
Phase Three


Brand identity design

The culmination of all the work from our carefully considered strategy and creative direction are pillars for building your brand’s visual identity. We craft your logo suite, select your colour palette and create your brand's typographic styling.

*For offerings that include brand identity design only*
Phase Four


Packaging design

Watch your product come to life as we apply your brand's visual identity to your packaging. Your packaging is the ultimate vehicle for marketing, selling, and magnetically conveying what your brand, offering and business means to your customers.

*For offerings that include brand identity design only*

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