Stand out in The store, convert at the cart

for your next product launch, rebrand or move into retail

innovative and inspirational businesses

We Serve human-centric brands, just like yours

Drinks &  Beverages

Here are a few examples...
  • High-grade matcha
  • Herbal infusion teas
  • Ceremonial raw cacao
  • Ethically sourced coffee
  • Live cultured kombuchas
  • Organic preservative-free wines

Food & Snacks

Here are a few examples...
  • Sustainably sourced chocolate
  • Nutritional breakfast cereals
  • Superfood supplements
  • Super hot chilli sauces
  • Snack bars for kids
  • Vegan ice cream

WEllness & Lifestyle

Here are a few examples...
  • Yoga mats
  • Earthy incense
  • Essential oil sprays
  • Personalised shampoos
  • Superfood supplements
  • Zero-waste cleaning products
  • Art deco glassware
  • Botanical skincare
  • Dry body brushes
Let's face it:

We live in a visual world!

90% of information sent to the brain is visual.

You only have 20 milliseconds to connect and give your customer the best initial impression whilst browsing your products online or on the shelf.

That's why our design process dives deep into all the spokes of your product offering, brand, and business. This means cohesive packaging and branding that helps you differentiate at the shelf and converts at the cart.

Are we a match to work together?

Let's make your product the hero in your customer's journey

Star Anise Organics packaging design

For innovative and  gentle brand founders

  • We believe in aligning our goals with a net positive future.
  • We work with mission-fuelled brands that drive change through innovation.
  • We believe in putting heart over hustle when it comes to business.

What industries do we specialise in?

  • We serve conscious lifestyle, beauty and health food brands.
  • Why? It's where our +13 years of design and branding experience and values meet.
  • So we can make the most significant impact on your business and customers.

What business stage do we work with?

  • You're a startup, have an existing e-comm shop OR looking to get into retailers.
  • Your products need to make a strong visual and emotional impression.
  • You want to build awareness with UGC and PR.
Our Services

Into the Cart


A fast paced intensive for premium e-comm brands in need of new high-impact packaging to get their next product launch out the door quickly, so you can get back to planning your launch and open the carts with style!


From $2,800 USD


3 weeks

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Who is this offering for?

You have an existing e-comm product-based brand and are looking for a concise and impactful packaging and branding solution that will elevate the look and feel of your product. You may have an upcoming product launch or want to refresh your existing packaging.

You will already have existing branding, bottles, bags, boxes or packaging dielines, and you need a label or design update to ensure your packaging can do more of the heavy lifting to convert at the cart.

What's included?

Mini brand glow up

  • Typographic and colour palette styling
  • Logo update for packaging

Scaleable packaging design

  • for 1 product SKU
You will need
  • An existing product range
  • An existing logo, brand identity and packaging
  • An investment of your time, energy and capital
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Our Services



Get the foundations and essentials right with packaging and branding that brings in your ideal people. Present with presence with a stand-out, memorable first impression.


From $5,800 USD


4 weeks

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Who is this offering for?

This bespoke offering is for startups and e-comm brand founders who want to do things right with solid foundations. You have the perfect, innovative product, and it needs branding and packaging that aligns with your bigger vision! You want to build out your brand's eco-system so you can feel empowered to champion your mission and share it with your customers.

We work with you to create a cohesive, gotta-get-your-hands-on-it packaging and brand experience; one that scales with you as your business grows.

What's included?

Custom brand identity design and creative direction

  • Typographic and colour palette styling
  • Full logo system with 3 logo arrangements
  • Creative stylescape and moodboarding

Bespoke packaging design

BONUS: Choose ONE premium packaging element -> Custom background pattern, a set of packaging icons OR custom dieline

Brand & Packaging strategy and clarity roadmap

Strategy roadmap and clarity booklet brand personality, brand positioning, brand differentiation, product architecture tree & product messaging for packaging

You will need
  • A vision-focused approach to your business
  • A new product idea or existing product range
  • An investment of your time, energy and capital
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Our Services

To the Shops


Get your product ready for your retailers (whether that is your local grocer or a national health food store). We design your packaging so it stands out on the shelf, fills a gap in the market and gets your product into the stores.


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From 4 weeks

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Who is this offering for?

Your established indie e-comm brand has been growing steadily over the years. You have created a buzz and cult-like following and are ready for the next significant shift for your business. You are going into retail.

This means getting all your numbers, pricing, and operational strategies sorted and making sure your product offering and packaging turn the right heads at the shelf and is a hell yes for your retailers!

What's included?

Brand Glow Up

  • Typographic and colour palette styling
  • Mini logo refresh to get it packaging ready

Bespoke packaging design

BONUS 1: Choose ONE premium packaging element -> Custom background pattern, a set of packaging icons OR custom dieline
BONUS 2: Mockups for your retail pitch presentations

Brand & Packaging strategy and clarity roadmap

Strategy roadmap and clarity booklet brand personality, brand positioning, brand differentiation, product architecture tree & product messaging for packaging

You will need
  • A vision-focused approach to your business
  • An established product with an existing customer base
  • An existing logo and brand identity
  • An investment of your time, energy and capital
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We would love to chat through any questions you may have during your Free 30 minute Strategy Session. Click here to book in a time.

All the ways we can tell your brand's story

Little Extras & Custom Design

Creative direction

For your next brand photoshoot or social content plan

Brand collateral

Brochures, business cards, bags, caps, keyrings and your brand-touchpoints

Point of sale

Shelf ready shippers or point of sale for store displays

Custom Design

For a wow-worthy packaging and a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience, book a strategy call to get a custom quote

Kind Words

This journey has brought me great clarity about both myself and my brand and the future direction of my business. If you are a small business like mine, I get cashflow is a challenge and everyone tells you competing things about what to spend your hard earned on. THIS is what you spend your money on! Getting clear about your brand and ensuring that clarity is beautifully, professionally and warm heartedly expressed to the world.

If you're looking for a powerful brand with a unique design language, hire Jo and watch your vision come to life.

Jo is the perfect blend of branding strategist and designer. We were so impressed by the depth and detail she provided us. Jo translated our intentions with her strategic questions and elevated our brand with stunning visuals.

If there were more than FIVE STARS I would happily give them to Jo! Working with Jo ChunYan was a gift and a pleasure. Her work is precise, intuitive, savvy and beautiful. The creative journey I experienced with Jo was filled with discovery, pride and joy.

Jo is a true gem. Her intuition and skill are unparalleled. She swiftly understood what we need and was able to express what we wanted to communicate. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future, and highly recommend her.

Her talent extends beyond her technical expertise, which makes the creative process with her clients really unique. Jo uses her intuition, warmth, attention to detail, passion, creative flair and business acumen to design the perfect solution for her clients.

The authentic way Jo made my vision come to life is a testament to her artistry and expertise.

Jo had immaculate attention to detail, and she was able to create what I envisioned for my brand -  not an easy task due to my perfectionism. I would highly recommend Jo for all your creative wants and desires as she is with you every step of the process.

I have worked with Jo on a couple of websites, me as the developer and Jo as the site designer. She is by far one of my all time, favourite designers. She is not only extremely talented in design, but also very organised, professional, and an absolute dream to work with.

I loved the approach Jo provided to capture the essence of what each design required. And at each step of the process, she provided alternatives and made sure we stayed on track and that everything was delivered on time and to specification! I couldn't be happier with the final designs she created!

What Jo offers is more than branding, she takes you on a beautiful soulful journey.

I can’t recommend Jo’s work highly enough. She’s incredibly intuitive (this is definitely one of her wonderful strengths), she worked with me to create a beautiful new logo for our Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program. She’s incredibly detailed and she took on board everything I was trying to encapsulate and created a beautiful stunning logo which represents my transformational program and the journey of transformation I take the women on.

Every time I get her to do design work for my business, its always spot on, within ONE draft!

Jo took the vision and intuitively crafted it into EXACTLY what I was after. She is talented, extremely professional, and a fantastic communicator and was a pleasure to deal with. She made the process effortless. I highly recommend Jo! She is my go-to designer.

Working with Jo as my designer has been a dream.

What I love about working with Jo is that I get to be a part of the design process. She gently guides, suggests and brings visions to life.

Jo is a creative superstar. Work with Jo; I promise you won’t regret it.

Her ability to tune in and understand exactly what aesthetic and feel you are going for is second to none. From beginning to end, Jo was so responsive and provided great feedback and counsel.

Jo taps into exactly what I need at the time even if I don’t know it myself.

Before I started my sessions with Jo, I was feeling very stuck in my life, and I was feeling lost. The transformation I witnessed during our sessions, was in my ability to access my intuition and learning to trust in it. I’ve learnt to let go of trying to control everything, and as a result, I feel a sense of deep connection and calmness.

Jo guided us through an intuitive branding process that helped us discover what we wanted our logo to express. The final design is reflective of the organised, inspired work we do with clients.

The process she used to distil the essence of my brand was one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for my business.

Jo’s intuitive creativity is nothing I've experienced before.

Jo was so in tune with what I wanted to convey with my branding. Not only from a design perspective but also with the feeling and message I wanted to evoke. I would have no hesitation recommending Jo to anyone looking for a soulful, talented and intuitive designer for their next project.

Jo is no ordinary designer.

I felt completely supported. Her process is detailed and meticulous in the best way. I’m so sincerely grateful that she put so much energy into my branding.

Jo went above and beyond to make sure I was supported throughout our design process and after the completion of our collaboration. I highly recommend Jo to anyone who wants a truly unique representation of their work.

Jo will empower you to create something together that is far better than you could ever imagine.

Being an intuition coach, it was clear from the outset that Jo would totally understand what we wanted to create. It was such a joyful process of co-creation with her and we really felt like a team working towards birthing a shared vision. Jo is absolutely the best co-creator we have ever worked with.

Jo was an absolute dream to work with!

I love that Jo works so intuitively. She can feel and sense what you are wanting to create and has an incredible way of bringing it to life in an even better way than you imagined. The whole process flowed so effortlessly.

Jo created was a necessary and beautiful platform for my work to expand and grow that was worth every cent.

I had tears of joy as I opened the final version of the designs.

Jo has so beautifully translated my hopes and dreams into a tangible outcome through a collaborative creative process.

Jo connected with the energetic signature of my work, purpose and the essence of my brand in a genuinely intimate way.

Jo has a magical ability to get to the core essence, the heart and soul of your business and bring that forth into a visual expression.

My logo, business card and other design elements is a perfect fit for my business for years to come. Working with Jo felt like having a loving wise guide by my side supporting me and easing the transition as I make the leap into the world of business ownership.

Each design decision added so much more depth and texture to the overall meaning behind the work.

Calm, receptive and serene, Jo works in a seemingly effortless way, producing amazing results elegantly and efficiently.

Exciting, wonder-filled, creative, magical and awwwww-inducing. This little creatrix is uber-intuitive and nurturing. She took my dreams, grounded them into physical existence and elevated them with her signature style of awesome-sorcery. There’s an indescribable quality to her work that calls to a deeper part of you. The whole dream-weaving, drawing board and design process was smooth and streamlined and her communication, crystal clear.

Branding with Jo was an exploration of who I am, who I serve, how I serve them, and why. 

Every time I show my branding to someone they comment on how perfect it feels for my business. They start naming the emotions and messages Jo and I had intended to convey visually through the feel of the shapes, images, and colours.

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Jo ChunYan is a bespoke packaging & branding design studio for visionary founders and their brands.

We acknowledges the Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.