The Art of Single Tasking

Jo-ChunYan-The Art Of Single Tasking

Over the last few years, multi-tasking has slowly become a habit for me. It has only been recently that I have started to discover the art of single tasking for myself! Initially, I thought it was just a more efficient way for me to juggle various things at the one time. 

I felt like I was being productive; ticking things off my to do list. It seemed like it was having a positive impact on my life at work.

So after work, I would continue my multi-tasking at home too. I would do my house chores while preparing dinner while writing a blog post. Over time, I found that multi-tasking had become more than a habit, but a way I went about my day. It was so rare for me to be single tasked focused, doing only one thing at a time - like eat my breakfast without staring at my computer screen. 

By the end of the day, when I had finally finished ticked off all my tasks in a chaotic scramble, I felt restless, anxious and disconnected. I felt like I was struggling to find calm as I moved throughout the day.

I believe that by doing various tasks at the same time, we no longer move through each moment with intention, but simply going through the motions. I believe that each intention holds energy (whether negative or positive).

And by doing things without intent, without thought, without focus, we are not giving this task our positive energy in order to truly experience the moment. 

As a result, we end up gliding along the surface of our experiences - failing to go deeper.

This month, I have decided to create a little mindful challenge for myself in order to re-establish a habit - to be more single task focused. I just started this yesterday, but this is what I have noticed so far. 

Accept that there will be distractions

Throughout our day, it is so common for us to become easily distracted - by other people and by our own thoughts. When I was in multi-tasking mode, I would typically react to these distractions; I wanted to action these tasks immediately. 

This month, I will be gently reminding myself whenever a distraction comes along to pause, connect back to the present moment, sit with my thoughts and set my intentions on completing one thing first. 

I have been trying this at work and it is working well so far. It has actually been quite easy and simple to do. And while, I accept that distractions will continue to flood in, it is where I pour my energy into that is going to make the difference. 

Do the little things with mindfully

By pouring positive energy into every little thing we do, we are able to experiencing the moment holistically and with gratitude. This has really helped me appreciate the little things in my day so much more.

I have been applying this to even the simplest of things like making a cup of tea or washing the dishes. As a result, I am feeling a lot calmer on my second day. 

Lower your expectations

One of the reasons why I multi-tasked is because I wanted be more productive. I wanted to control the situation because I thought that would mean it would give me the best result. 

So as part of my challenge, I will be giving myself space to do one task at a time, without the pressure of having to do everything on my list. I will still need to prioritise my tasks, but I will also be tuning in to my intuition more - to see what really feels right for me in each moment. 

Write things down

When ideas come into my mind, I will write these down once I have completed the task I was doing. This means that I can keep track the things that inspire me throughout the day without worrying that I will forget about them.

As I mentioned earlier on, I have only tried this for one day. And already, I feel like it has brought a little more zen and zing into my day. I felt calm, connected and energised throughout the day. 

I will be posting another update about this challenge later on, so drop by soon too!

But, while you are here, why not create this challenge for yourself too!? Leave me a comment below to let me know how you will be choosing single-tasking over multi-tasking! How have you untangled yourself from a multi-tasking habit in your life? 

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