My Chakra Meditation & Visualisation Practice


My chakra meditation and visualisation practice is one of my favourite mindful morning rituals. It is a practice that I have created, shaped and moulded over the last two years, so that it resonates with me, in the moment. After I complete this meditation, I feel like I am glowing with joy, like the day is just waiting for me to dive right in!

When I was first introduced to meditation, I followed guided videos online, but they always left me feeling agitated and disconnected from myself. 

Along the way, I learnt that I experienced more joy and lightness from my meditation if I adapted it to suit my own spiritual path.

The practice felt more authentic, more relatable, and more connected to me and what I was experiencing at the time.

In addition, I learnt to let go of any expectations for myself when I followed other meditation styles. Instead, I became open to exploring different techniques and eager to discover things that would influence or inspire my own practice.

So today, I will share with you my morning meditation and visualisation practice, which is a bit different from some of the other meditation styles that you may have come across. I hope it helps inspire you to find your own meditation practice too.

A Guide To Chakra Meditation

I find that it helps bring :

  • awareness and clarity to my moment

  • lightness and energy to my day

  • acceptance and love to things that happen outside my control


Seek a quiet space for your meditation. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Visualise your inhale breath moving from your Crown Chakra down through your body towards your Base Chakra. Exhale the breath through your Base Chakra and into the earth. Continue this breathing pattern until you feel centered and relaxed.

Bring your awareness first to your Base Chakra and move up each of your 7 chakras towards your Crown Chakra. Use the below guide to meditate on each chakra.


Observe any emotions that arise and the energy it holds and become aware of any vibrational changes. Visualise the meaning behind each chakra in your own life at present and focus your attention and intention on this (see the details for each chakras below). You may like to visualise the colour relating to this chakra. How does the colour emanate from your chakra in your mind’s eye. Is it a soft glow or is it a fierce and burning? Is it hazy or is there clarity?

Soften into your emotions. Do your emotions change in intensity or do they move to another part of your body. Follow it with a gentle curiosity. Does it feel light, expanded and open or does it feel contracted, closed and tight? Even if it doesn’t feel like anything, sit with this numbness and lean into it. Perhaps you received a message from your higher self in the form of visual imagery, audio and other sensations too. 

Allow your senses to guide you intuitively. What is your intuition telling you? For example, if my Heart Chakra feels light and playful, then it means that I am experiencing the world open hearted with childlike curiosity. 


Once you have meditated on all 7 chakra points, bring your awareness to your entire body. Then bring your awareness to your energetic field that sits outside your body, and then into the room or space where you are. Give gratitude for your practice.


I sit for as long as I need to (given the time available), and take notice of anything else that may come up for me in my practice. Sometimes during my meditation sessions, I experience the feeling of complete lightness, no longer connected to my physical form but deeply connected to my soul. This is the space where I love to find myself in during meditation. But I no longer "try" to get here - it only happens when I have let everything go

This is an example of how I love to practice my meditation. As I mentioned before, it is something that I have developed for myself because I resonate strongly with visualisation and the energy behind each of the chakras.

Try different styles of meditation, find the bits and pieces from these practices that you love and make them into something that resonates with you. It will likely adapt and mould to become your own practice over time. Make this part of your own meditation journey. 

Here is some more information around each of the chakras


Location : Base of spine | Meaning : Career, money and identity

I complete my meditation by focusing on the root chakra where I focus on my identity and my values. I find that meditating on this particular point gives me strength and reminds me of the things that I really value so that I continue to bring these into what I do for the rest of my day. It keeps me aligned with my values, so that I stay true to my path.


Location : hips and sacrum | Meaning : Relationships and pleasure

When I meditate on the sacral chakra, I focus on my relationships - with others and with myself. To me, this chakra is also about living with freedom, fluidity and flow. So when I meditate on this chakra, I ask how I can live with acceptance and to step down from trying to control a situation.


Location : Spine | Meaning : Personal power and ambition

For me, this chakra symbolises instinct and channelling energy to progress forward. When I focus on the solar plexus, I find the energy within me to help me take the step outside my comfort zone, trusting that my instincts will be there to guide me. I love meditating at the solar plexus because it brings upon this fiery energy that fuels me for the rest of the day!

Heart Chakra

Location : heart | Meaning : Love and compassion

With my hand on my heart, I sit and observe any feelings and emotions that are present within me in the moment. I ask myself if there are any emotions that I am suppressing and allow myself to release these if required. After sitting with my emotions for a while, I take a few deep breaths in and release them. At the heart chakra, I also ask set an intention to bring love, compassion and gratitude into my day.


Location : throat | Meaning : Speaking your truth

This chakra is about communicating with authenticity, owning up to your voice and your truth. It is something that I have been working on for a long time as this chakra is probably the one that is weakest for me. When I meditate on this point, I visualise myself being authentic and confident in all that I do and say. After my meditation, I notice how much more confidence I have within me when I go about my day.


Location : between the eyes | Meaning : Intuition

This chakra is about being connected to my intuition and knowing. When I focus on this point between my eyes, I ask myself what I know and I ask myself what I must do. I  take time to listen and to experience the answer to my question. Sometimes, you will need to dive deeper to get to your true intuitive voice as the first answer you receive is just your mind chattering back to you.  This was something that I was so inspired by that Mel Horne said in her interview!


Location : top of the head | Meaning : Spiritual connection

I start my meditation by focusing on my crown chakra. For me, this chakra is about inspirational energy. When I focus on this point, I visualise something that inspires me spiritually and creatively. I acknowledge and direct my awareness to this feeling of inspiration.

So that was my morning meditation practice. I hope you found something interesting from it and hopefully it has inspired you to find your own meditation style that works for you. Or try my meditation practice and see what you think about it too!

I will be doing a further post later on about chakras so check back here at a later date!

Is meditation part of your daily rituals? How do you meditate? Do you have your own practice that you use or have you tried different meditation styles too? Drop me a comment below and share your ideas! 

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