Emmie Rae
Emmie Rae

Warning - Relaxation yoga is not boring.  For busy go-getters who need to chill.

Business or industry
Relaxation yoga teacher
Project scope

Branding, identity design, course design, web design

Background & details

Emmie Rae is a relaxation yoga teacher and human design consultant. She teaches people how to rest, relax and tune in to a state of rejuvenation by connecting back to the body and their true nature.

Jo created was a necessary and beautiful platform for my work to expand and grow that was worth every cent.

Emmie Rae
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the challenge & objective

Typically, people opt for dynamic yoga classes or intense cardio sessions to destress after a long day at the office. However, the thing their body really needs is rest. Relaxation yoga, yoga nidra or yin yoga is often has a perception of being yoga’s sleepy, boring cousin.

The challenge was to create a brand that could shift daily conversations towards a worship of the power of deep rest and slow living - and a love for relaxation yoga.

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the strategy & result

We needed to position Emmie Rae's brand as approachable, bold, innovative, gently rebellious and aspirational. ]We selected warm, earthy tones, deep plums and textures communicate the feeling of being nurtured and grounded, providing an escape from the hustle of the city.

This was paired with a bold, strong yet friendly typeface paired and spacious layouts to cultivate a sense of contemporary minimalism, ease and relaxation. 

Emmie Rae

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