Tracey McLean
Tracey McLean

Guiding each client through their own healing journey with ancient plant wisdom and herbal remedies.

Business or industry
Naturopath & Herbalist
Project scope

Branding, identity design, web design

Background & details

Tracey McLean is an herbalist and naturopath. Her home-based practice and personalised tinctures draws is deeply rooted in connection to traditional herbal teachings and intuitive insight.

Jo has a magical ability to get to the core essence, the heart and soul of your business and bring that forth into a visual expression.

Tracey McLean
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the challenge & objective

Tracey McLean approached me to help her create a brand for her practice that conveys her individualistic and traditional perspective on naturopathy and herbalism to differentiate her approach from other clinical naturopaths. It needed to communicate the ancient practices and philosophy that Tracey has based her body of work on so that it can connect with her ideal clients.

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the strategy & result

We approached this by exploring the specific philosophies that Tracey's work was based on and looked at how elements of this could be depicted in her visual brand identity. The handcrafted word mark embodies the lineage of ancient druid plant wisdom and personalised hand-crafted salves and tinctures. 

Taking inspiration from old apothecaries, hidden cottages in the woods, hand-crafted medicinal salves and balms and a deep yearning to be in nature. It also represents the personalised experience, care and intention that she provides when working with each of her clients.

My logo, business card and other design elements is a perfect fit for my business for years to come. Working with Jo felt like having a loving wise guide by my side supporting me and easing the transition as I make the leap into the world of business ownership.

Tracey McLean

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