Star Anise Organics
Star Anise Organics

Bringing nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods back to the modern table for vibrant health and longevity

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Health food
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Branding and packaging design

Background & details

Star Anise Organics offers hand-crafted, traditionally prepared and wholefoods and nourishing broths for holistically minded individuals. Star Anise Organic's founder, Soulla is on a mission is to inspire a growing global community to lead a more nourishing and conscious, and less toxic, life.

Star Anise Organics
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the challenge & objective

The main challenge and project brief was to create a cohesive, recognisable rebrand for Star Anise's entire product suite. Soulla wanted her products to stand out proudly in store and deliver a stronger visual impact and brand recognition with her customers.

The new packaging needed to feel fresh, contemporary, bright, friendly and premium at the same time, whilst allowing for flexibility and adaptability to work with different layouts and varying amounts of information on the packaging.

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the strategy & result

To allow for flexibility on the packaging, we designed a structured layout that could hold the information architecture of each product and range. The structure could be changed and altered depending on the product and size of the label.

To create differentiation and a distinctive market positioning for Star Anise, we opted for a bold, warm palette and blended contemporary minimalism with the traditional, typewriter typeface that Star Anise already featured heavily on their products. The typeface was references the traditional cooking methods that Soulla and her team use in the recipes.

Star Anise Organics

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