My Newtown Kitchen
My Newtown Kitchen

An urban temple devoted to the delicious beauty of nature, worshipping each and every ingredient.

Business or industry
Holistic cooking classes
Project scope

Branding, identity design, web design, illustration

Background & details

Rachel Jelley, founder of My Newtown Kitchen (now known as Hearth & Soul) offers holistic cooking classes, workshops and pop up dinner events in the Newtown, Sydney.

The process she used to distil the essence of my brand was one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for my business.

My Newtown Kitchen
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the challenge & objective

Rachel came to me for a complete rebrand for her business and needed something that was memorable and positioned her uniquely in the food industry. The visual brand identity needed to feel contemporary, urban and relevant for its city dwelling diners, but also bring something new to the table, helping to shift people's perception about the sacred ritual of cooking, food and sharing a meal.

The main challenge was to create something that was luscious, captivating and vibrant. It needed to convey the feeling of life in full flourish - abundant and plentiful.

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the strategy & result

We decided to recreate the feeling of walking through the lush garden of eden; adorned with ripening fruit, the sweet nectar of passion-flowers and low-hanging, green canopies and vines. We drew the illustrations by hand so they could be used in a variety of ways as icons, dividers or elements to tell a story and draw the eye.

This was juxtaposed against contemporary, spacious layouts and a strong, metropolitan-inspired typeface to give the visual brand a sense of grounding.

My Newtown Kitchen

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