Innately Me
Innately Me

Ethical products to nourish your skin, body and culture.

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Innately Me is an ethical and sustainable, botanical lifestyle brand created by Lisa Formosa.

I had tears of joy as I opened the final version of the designs.

Innately Me
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the challenge & approach

Lisa approached me to create a new packaging and sustainable packaging system for Innately Me that had the flexibility to be scaled up. For a small business, Lisa needed a packaging solution that she could create in-house in the early days as she gradually expands her business and range.

The labels also need to feel and look premium to convey the quality of the ingredients and work well with the style of her existing brand identity and logo.

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the strategy & result

We created a packaging system that uses colour blocking for differentiating between products. The labels are also intentionally minimal in design so that it can be adapted for a variety of different product and packaging sizes and formats. We carefully selected a warm, subtle and natural colour palette for the Innately Me packaging to emphasise the feeling of conscious luxury.

This packaging solution meld's effortless with Innately Me’s existing brand identity and logo; quiet, minimalist, light, calming.

Jo has so beautifully translated my hopes and dreams into a tangible outcome through a collaborative creative process.

Innately Me

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