Melanie Eisner
Melanie Eisner

Experiential therapy for highly sensitive creatives to honour the depth and nuances of themselves.

Business or industry
Therapist & counsellor
Project scope

Branding, identity design, digital design

Background & details

Melanie Eisner is a therapist and counsellor who specialises in working with highly sensitive creatives, helping them recognise their innate gifts within their messy, beautiful imperfection.

Branding with Jo was an exploration of who I am, who I serve, how I serve them, and why. 

Melanie Eisner
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the challenge & objective

The main challenge was to create a brand eco-system that captured Melanie’s approach and process with her clients; warm, contemporary, supportive, intellectual and empowering in a cohesive and consistent way that could be applied to on her website and social media.

We approached this by exploring esoteric concepts to cultivate calm, warmth, consciousness and depth to reflect Melanie’s therapeutic process of inquiry. The aim was to distill each of these characteristics down to form Melanie Eisner's visual brand identity.

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the strategy & result

During Melanie Eisner's brand strategy and discovery sessions, we discovered that earthy tones with bright highlights and clean, abstract shapes would resonate most with her ideal clients. These concepts reflect the warmth, depth and grounding energy of Melanie Eisner's brand and body of work.

This resulted in organic, fluid and human shapes and compositions and a refined representation of the Enso circle, paired with Granville, a crisp, clean, typeface.

Every time I show my branding to someone they comment on how perfect it feels for my business. They start naming the emotions and messages Jo and I had intended to convey visually through the feel of the shapes, images, and colours.

Melanie Eisner

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