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3 energetic principles for running a conscious business

3 energetic principles for running a conscious business
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It’s so important to apply the following principle to create balance in your business, work and life. To create vitality, balance, abundance and flow, focus on bringing one of these three areas (spiritual, emotional and physical) into greater harmony (whilst still allowing for the ebb and flow) and alignment.

As a brand designer and intuition coach, I have been applying this theory for energetic alignment in:

  1. the work that I create
  2. how I show up in my business 
  3. how I co-create with my clients. 

According to Ayurveda, to create vitality in your life, the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects should be in alignment and harmony. This has been foundational in helping me navigate tricky business decisions and allowed me to create more space to be in a state of flow. This isn’t just helpful for other designers but also for conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives as well. 

This is also true for your business. So let’s define the 3 aspects you want to balance when running your conscious business: 

Choose one area to work with today. Clarify and define the following:⠀

Spiritual ~ purpose & alignment⠀

Clarify and define these things:

  • Your vision. This is your big why. 
  • Start with why to define your purpose.
  • Your values - what is the intersection between your values and those of your business?
  • Your brand's mission statement.
  • Your reason for being or your bigger purpose and intention.⠀⠀

Emotional ~ feeling & energy

Clarify and define these things:

  • How your customer feels - this is an aspirational state of being.
  • Your brand message - how do you convey your brand through words?
  • How you feel about your work. How does it feel to show up in your business?
  • Your brand voice and branding. 
  • What does your brand look and feel like?⠀

Physical ~ tangible change

Clarify and define these things:

  • Offering, product or service. 
  • What offerings bring you the most revenue?
  • Tangible impact and transformation - eg. Increased awareness, increased profit.
  • Marketing and brand strategy. This is a plan for how your business will evolve.
  • Your goals and aligned actions.⠀

6 questions and prompts for your business and work:

  1. ⁣What will you do to create better alignment and integrity?⠀
  2. Why does your business exist? 
  3. What is its greater purpose? 
  4. How do your customers feel when they work with you?⠀
  5. How do you want to feel about the work you create?⠀
  6. What are the tangible changes?⠀
  7. How can your business inspire positive behaviour change?

Do you dream of building an intentional business that allows for balance and flow in all other areas of your life? Book your free 45-minute discovery call below to see what we could do together in 6 months with private 1:1 coaching.

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Have wild dreams for a head-turning brand?

Let’s blaze a trail.