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50 things to make your mornings brighter

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50 things to make your mornings brighter
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I love the fact that there are so many uplifting, happy things that you can put your heart into during the mornings. So today, I thought I would write down a list of things that you can do to bring you more joy in the mornings.

Hopefully you will find a few things that resonate with you that you can start incorporating into your mornings too.

For looking after our bodies

  1. Sleep. Allow yourself to rest a little longer so your body can recuperate if you are feeling under the weather or energetically deprived.
  2. Moisturise - its 's important to keep our skin hydrated throughout the day! I use coconut oil for keeping my skin soft and moisturised. The vitamin E in coconut oil also helps repair skin tissue.
  3. Remember to floss. This is somewhat of a reminder to me as well. Flossing and good dental hygiene is super important!
  4. Dry body brush to stimulate your lymphatic system and remove dead skin.
  5. Do some stretches on the bed before you get up!
  6. Take a hot bath with essential oils and epsom salts, or try a invigorating cold shower.
  7. Do some yoga. This is great as you get out of bed. It allows you to get in touch with any aches and pains that you may have. It also brings energy and vitality into your morning.
  8. Another option is to head over to the first gym or yoga class for the day and sweat it out!

For getting out into nature

  1. Go for a walk or run outside. I love the brisk morning air and an early morning walk can be absolutely invigorating! Enjoying nature before anyone else does is simply blissful.
  2. Tend to your plants - I water my plants in the morning. It's a good time to look after your plants so that you prepare them for the weather ahead.
  3. If you live near the beach - go for a walk on the sand and feel the sunlight on your shoulders!
  4. Watch the sunrise - love this!! For early risers only!
  5. Take the time to ride or walk to work instead of catching public transport or driving - if appropriate. Take a more scenic route and enjoy nature as everything is waking up.

For nourishing your soul with food

  1. Prepare a cup of tea - using your favourite tea cup. Sit down and enjoy it, don't let it get cold!
  2. Or, for those who love coffee - make yourself a beautiful pot of roasted coffee. Enjoy the smell and the energy it brings you.
  3. Prepare a nourishing, warming breakfast that you have not made before. Use grounding Ayurvedic spices such as turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  4. Have breakfast in bed. Make a really beautiful breakfast and eat it in bed. It's your little treat to yourself!
  5. Make some warm water with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or a wedge of lemon to start your digestive system in the morning. It will make you feel uplifted!
  6. Make a green smoothie - perhaps even make enough so that you and take some to work.
  7. Eat seasonally. I combine this with Ayurvedic cooking to ensure that my body feels its best during each season.
  8. Prepare a healthy, nutritious lunch to take to work. It's so much more meaningful to have your own lunch rather than purchasing something and eating it in a rush.
  9. If you live near a market - you can do a spot of shopping before starting your day. Feel the vibrant liveliness and buzz of the markets in the morning.

For connecting and turning inwards

  1. Greet your partner, family members or your pets with a big hug.
  2. Make breakfast for someone you love today.
  3. Spend a short, designated amount of time catching up on some emails.
  4. Chat with a loved one! I often catch up with my mum in the mornings with a phone call.
  5. Take your dog for a walk. One of my favourite things is getting woken up by a pet. I just love their joyful faces greeting their owners in the morning. Spend time with your animal friends!
  6. Leave a cute note for a partner, family member or loved one wishing them a happy day!
  7. Meet a friend for a coffee or tea before work starts.

For cultivating lightness and joy

  1. Just for a bit of fun, check your horoscopes to see what the day may bring!
  2. Put on some music. I put on music when I am doing my yoga because it makes me happy and lifts my energy. But I also enjoy popping on a record whilst making my tea.
  3. Read a poem or re-read a few pages of your favourite book.
  4. Sing in the shower.
  5. Take time to choose a perfume or essential oil that resonates with how you are feeling for the day.
  6. On a morning where you don't have to work - go out for brunch and let the morning blur into the day. Take it super slow!

For creativity and expression

  1. Do a visualisation meditation - sit for a few minutes and focus on each thought that comes into your mind. Observe it and see where it takes you. Allow yourself to be immersed into your own world without judgement.
  2. Write or draw.
  3. There is no reason why we can not do our hobbies in the mornings before work. Choose something and do this for 30 minutes!
  4. Pick out your clothes - get creative, channel how you want to feel for the day and choose colours to let this shine through.
  5. Watch a Ted talk. Get inspired!
  6. Choose a book or podcast for your ride to work on the train, tram or bus. Where are you going to escape to during your commute this morning?
  7. Take a photo of your morning, capturing a brief moment in your day visually - try this every morning for 4 months and see how things have changed over time.

For feeling energised

  1. Wake up earlier to seize the day. Join the 5 am club or Miracle Morning club
  2. Create an affirmation or intention to start your day.
  3. Find one word that brings out the feeling that you want to bring into your day. Add it to your reminders so it comes up every few hours.
  4. Review your goals and vision that you have set for yourself. See what you have achieved and add anything else to it.
  5. Take stock of the week. Make a list of things you are grateful for - set a positive perspective for your day.

For clarity and stillness

  1. Spend a few minutes with your thoughts - ask yourself what sets your soul on fire, what  are you afraid of, what is your purpose. Continue peeling back the layers with the question "why" and tap into our intuition.
  2. Meditate - if only for a few minutes - allow your mind to quiet and embrace the stillness. This can mean just sitting in stillness. Read about my chakra visualisation meditation here.
  3. Journal - get out all your thoughts, cleansing out negative energy before you start the day. It provides you with clarity.
  4. Take time to read the newspaper - do it in the old fashioned way, wear your slippers, put on your night gown and do the crossword while sipping a cup of tea.
  5. Stay offline. Don't connect online with social media until later in the day - keep this time as your time only!
  6. Do some deep breathwork or Kundalini chanting before you leave your room in the morning.

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